A Vacation in Krabi That Is Long Overdue

On the Way to Emerald Pool
A long four years since I last had a holiday! A relaxing five days trip to Krabi, Southern part of Thailand, where Tsunami hit this place in 2004. In this trip, my beautiful and cheerful wife has one rule – I can’t go online for more than 30 minutes a day. I understand why she wants to set this rule, and gladly agree.

Although I always encourage my coaching clients to go for a short getaway, I don’t really have one myself. So this break really comes timely. Visiting a new beach fulfills one of my dreams. It kills three birds with one throw. Firstly, quality time with my wife, secondly taking a break myself to rejuvenate. Lastly, moving closer towards my dream of visiting all the beaches in the World.

Before I go, a friend asked have I plan my itinerary. I replied no. Because I don’t like to plan too much in trip. It’s suppose to be free and easy.

His rational is time will be wasted if I don’t plan beforehand. But I like to be free and easy, carrying a go with the flow attitude. I’ve done enough planning in business, I like this trip to be spontaneous which is what life is about. Furthermore I’m easily contented in a vacation. A beach and a pool can keep me busy for a while.

Having said that, I accepted my friend’s advice of not going all spontaneous. I did some research on Krabi and the activities available. At least I had an idea what to expect. The only thing that caught my eyes was the ride on rented motorbike. Exploring that part of Thailand on a rented motorbike at my own time sounds more adventurous than snorkeling. My zero experience with a motorbike made it even more adventurous.

1st time on motorbike

1st time on motorbike

Beside spending time with my lovely wife, this trip also serves as a celebration for my effort of the 1st six months of 2013.

Jean&Joe on Elephant

Jean&Joe on Elephant

Regardless the results, you are encouraged to celebrate your effort and hardwork. Effort and results are equally important. Focusing only on results will tire you out quickly. When you get burned out, high chance you focus on results only without celebrating your effort.

We are raised thinking that results is everything. In the school, your exam results is everything. People forget that the effort is equally important. In the working world, results is all it is. People are penalized because of results. Therefore we have a bunch of results-oriented people (me included) pushing and pulling, but eventually burned out faster than a lighted matchstick.

Celebrating your effort is also a way to take care of your well being. You are able to sustain this journey of life without burning out yourself too soon. You are able to take care of that little child of yours.

Tiger Eating Joe

Tiger Eating Joe

That little child has been working hard together with you all this while. That little child has given his/her best too. That child wants to have fun too. So once in a while, go have fun with that little child.

Life is suppose to be fun!

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