Cooling Down A Burned Out Before You Get Fourth Degree Burned

Getting burned out is a common thing that happened to us in our current society. Constantly increment of work load weighs us down as if we are carrying a 50kg dumb bell on our shoulder.

On top of that, we are to take care of the other aspects of our life. Family, spouse, friends, spiritual, personal development, all of them requires our attention. Unfortunately in a competitive world we sacrifice many things in life to have our desired lifestyle. And so, a burned out is inevitable. We eventually got tired and sick of life.

A burned out is usually caused by Reward Starvation. Two ways that caused reward starvation. You worked hard, expended a high amount of energy and effort, but the reward is tiny compared to the effort invested.

I was involved in a business project with few other people currently. Initially, I was full of enthusiasm, wanting to make it work. I was generating ideas, moving the ideas forward, creating products to expand the idea. Unfortunately, the remuneration is just too insignificant to motivate me.

Reward may not be in the way of monetary compensation. Reward can mean friendship, bonding, joy, satisfaction etc. But for this project, the bonding is lacking, and so is the finance.

In another business project, I invested the same amount of effort, and I have better rewards in terms of friendship and finance.

The other way that will get you burned out; you worked hard, expended a high amount of energy and effort but are too stingy to reward yourself.

Being stingy with rewarding yourself is very common among us. We were being framed up in a context of rewarding others instead of self. Reward should be done by others. Your boss will reward you when you do a good job. Your parents will reward you when you made them proud. Your school will reward you when you score good grades.

We are trained play the waiting game. Waiting for others to reward us. No one taught us to reward ourselves. In fact, it’s a sin to reward ourselves. People give you a strange look when you mentioned about appreciating and rewarding yourself.

Imagine putting in all the effort but not getting rewarded. Like a car that has its engine running for long and never stop for maintenance. This car will go into fire soon.

So be generous in rewarding yourself. Reward doesn’t mean you have to spend money. Go to a park, be with yourself, meditate, watch a movie, have ice cream, all these can be a way to reward yourself without spending a bomb. Once in a while you can do a big reward, of course.

Create a Reward Structure to Organize Yourself

List all activities that you consider as reward. At which point, which milestone, which completed action tasks are you going to take these rewards?

Here is an simple example of my one day tasks.

Write a new article———————–Ice Cream
Follow up call to prospect—————-Sushi
Create new content for workshop———–Massage

For every tasks, I attached a reward. My objective of using this is different from many other gurus. My objective is not use the reward to drive yourself, otherwise you’ll be tired and will resent this structure. I’m using the rewards to rejuvenate myself. Many a times, when we reward ourselves, we didn’t actually feel the feeling of celebration and rewarding.

So the next step is NOTICE. Notice that you are rewarding yourself. Feel that you are recharging your soul. Feel that you are rewarding yourself because you completed your tasks. Give a tap to yourself and say, “well done”. Feel that feeling of celebration when you are doing it.

Practice this for a week. Experience how it works for you. You can write to me, share it with me about how you feel after practicing it. You get to cool down yourself before being burned out.

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