Consistent Effort Generate Consistent Result

In the recent months, I’ve proven one thing about generating good results in life. This experience reinforces my belief on one ingredient for success. From my observation and personal experience, the lack of this ingredient can make you go round in circles, and not reaching your destination.

I set one goal in the last four months – to gain weight. I used to weigh 57kg. Based on my height, I was not underweight, but almost. My friends are envy of me as I don’t seem to gain weight easily like them. I can only thank my parents for the good gene. But I reckon I’ll look better with a few more pounds.

In April 2013, I set to increase my weight to 60kg after joining a gym membership. There must be something to work on, right? After learning some basic knowledge from a personal trainer and reading up online, I planned a gym routine that I have to follow.

The routine is very simple, with only three conditions:
1. Hitting the gym three time per week.
2. Gradually increasing the weight that I’m lifting by 2.5kg every 2 – 3 weeks.
3. Taking in more calories as my body will need it to repair and burn.

My last update on weight is 62kg as of 12 Aug 2013. It’s proven that I gained some pounds as I almost couldn’t fit into my jeans.

The ingredient that is missing for many successes is CONSISTENCY. Achieving the goal by focusing on the direction and doing the same thing over a period of time with a buffer for correction.

When you are not getting the results that you love, check in on your consistency. Are you consistently doing the same activities?

I follow the gym routine consistently and faithfully. Three times a week, increase my intake of calories and increase the weight that I’m lifting gradually. With that, I had the result that I desire.

In my 10 years of observation, one of missing pieces is consistency. Since this is such an important piece, how come people lack the consistency in pursuing their goals? How come people do not keep on their success activities consistently?

Reason #1 – Boring
Doing the same routine for months or even years is guaranteed to be boring. Going to the gym three times a week can become a boring chore. And so people start looking for new activities to replace the boring chore.

Take note that the moment you change to do something else, you are starting from zero to build it up. You’ll never be able to achieve the result that you desire because you consistently start all over again.

Know that result doesn’t come overnight. Google isn’t built overnight. I don’t gain my muscle mass over a week. Keep to your goal and plan. No doubt you get to learn new knowledge along the way. You are not oblige to change your plan due to the new knowledge. Instead integrate the new knowledge into your original plan.

Changing the plan completely is a risk. Every plan has a risk of not working. Every plan has to be tweak and correct before it becomes the perfect plan. Tweaking and correcting your original plan may be a better idea than to change a plan completely.

80% of the success is built by routine. If you have the habit of changing plans consistently, notice it, manage it. What is the impact when you keep changing?

Reason #2 – Drama
There is a group of people who loves drama in life. Doing the same thing daily is not for them. Based on that context, they’ll go around looking for new drama. Sometimes, they’ll create upsets subconsciously to make life more colourful.

They keep looking for new things to spice up their life as the love for drama drives their behaviour. They love the thrill of tackling new things or challenges. They are like children who are attracted to new toys. But once bored with the toys, they will chuck it aside to look for new ones.

Are you someone who keeps changing your toys? Any new toy will eventually become old toy. What’s the point of changing so frequently when you will get sick and tired of it? You might as well stick with the old toy and gain mastery on it.

Reason #3 – Instant Gratification

Finally, those who lack of consistency are driven by the context of instant gratification. When they get involve with something new, they expect to see result immediately. Otherwise, they will switch to something that provide them a result quickly.

No one can gain success overnight. Those who are driven by instant gratification only see the success of people or organizations and the reward the success brings, but they didn’t see the consistent effort behind the scene.

I’ve came across young chaps who claim that they want to be a Trainer after seeing certain Trainers presenting on stage. They were mesmerized by the Trainer, attracted by the applause. What they didn’t see was the ten years of consistent effort to build confidence, learn the techniques and accepting critiques. They didn’t see the sweat and tears being poured into the career. All they wanted was instant noodle success. When they realizes their success was not immediate, they disappeared looking for a new scheme.

A good example of instant gratification is investing. You can invest your money to enjoy a greater reward later or spend it on bags, shoes, food or clothes to enjoy it now. It’s your choice, but many life stories have demonstrated that those who can manage their spending emotion will have the last laugh.

If you are driven by instant gratification, one way is to look at your past experience of inconsistency from this context. Has it been working for you? If it doesn’t, you have a choice.

For anything to work, whether to master a skill, achieving something, consistency is one essential ingredient, at least from my personal experience. What are you working on now? Create a plan and be consistent on it.

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