The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Murphy’s Law is such a pain in the ass. I hope that Murphy doesn’t show up in my life at all. But it’s impossible to stop him, and Murphy loves to show up when you don’t want him to. He loves to show up at the “right” time.

Murphy says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” How many times have you experience this statement? Especially during times of urgency, things go all the way wrong.

I had one of those days when things didn’t turn out on my side. I was late for a corporate training events for National University of Singapore. This is the first and only time, I was late for a training event.

For a simple corporate training, I usually plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the event start. On top of that, if it’s a unfamiliar ground, I’ll add another 30 minutes of buffer for commuting. This added up to having an hour buffer. If everything goes smoothly, I should arrive at 8:00am if the event is to start at 9:00am.

You know what. I arrived at 9:30am. 30 minutes late for the event.

Murphy visited me that morning. The train broke down; sensing that I may not reach the venue on time if I were to wait for the train to resume its service, I changed my mode of transport to taxi.

Murphy knocked again. The taxi got stuck in a traffic jam. In the middle of a jam, I couldn’t change my mode of transport this time. Arriving at the school, the taxi didn’t know the direction to the building for the training, so I ran around asking for direction. Crazy morning, fortunately Murphy left once I started the class.

Has this happen to you yet?

Life will throw you many things. Sometimes, Lady Luck will join your party, sometimes Murphy will burst your balloons. Nevertheless, you’ll create different results based on your reaction to either Lady Luck or Murphy.

When things go wrong, it only means one thing. Some lessons are hidden in these unpleasant incidents. Upsets are opportunities to learn. Digging out the lesson becomes a valuable process. Get in there to uncover these lessons.

You may want to complain when things don’t turn out the way you like. Hold your horses. Complaining doesn’t move you forward, complaining create a shell to prevent you from learning the lesson. On the contrary, complains can actually move you forward. Below you will learn a way of complain to move you forward.

Here are the steps to find and learn the hidden lesson.

Step 1. Feel Sulk, Complain

You probably heard people telling you not to complain when things go wrong. But I say, COMPLAIN! Complaining is a way of healing. That’s why we have family and friends to hear us out. Talk about the incident. Though I say complain, this is a different way of complain.

Complain responsibly.

Set a time to complain to the chosen one or ones. Set a time limit for the complain sessions. Say 2 hours. Tell yourself and your friends that you are going to whine for the next two, and after that you are going to move on with life.

Step 2. What To Do Differently
After the all whining, improvement is next. If the same incident happens again, what can you do differently? What can you do to avoid a similar incident? What is the contingency plan if it does happen?

Step 3. What Did You Learn About You

Learning to deal with similar incident again is good. Learning about yourself is even better. In my last huge drama event in 2011, I learned that I was stubborn and righteous. My stubbornness got me into trouble. And I hate it when a good friend abuses my trust because expectation and different definition.

Step 4. What Is It About You That Need To Change

I learned to check my stubbornness. The view of others are equally important. Learned to respect different perspectives in a team. My way may not be the right way. What do you have to change? Your attitude, mindset, behavior?

Step 5. How Do You Reinforce This New Lesson

Knowing what to change is good. Knowing and actually changing is different. Most people know what to change, but not many are changing. To really make a change, proper practical step has to be listed out.

Knowing that I am stubborn. I told myself to the next time someone brought up a new perspective. I will consider it seriously. Take a deep breathe before holding onto my views.

With these five steps, you can basically turn anything into a positive environment. Make the best use of your time to learn from every experience.

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