An Anxious, Tiring, Yet Fulfilling Week

My week was filled with anxiety, tiredness but fulfilling feeling. Anxiety because I was taking on two new things in a week with one came with complication. Tired because of creating new talks one after another, plus the complication that can really sap up my energy.

Altogether, I was conducting two new workshops of 2 hours and one full program of 2 days in a week. The complication came when I had to do one of the new workshops in the middle of the full program.

That means when my session in the full program is over, I had to run to another room to conduct the 2-hour workshop, and then back to conduct the full program.

Come to think of that, it was quite exciting.

But why do I share with you my anxious week?

Three lessons that I like to share. Consistent. Different. Integrity.

I got invited to be involved in a few training projects this year. For many years, I chased after projects. I’m blessed to have the table turned this year. And 2013 marks the 10th year of my journey as an entrepreneur and trainer.

I believe the consistency that I demonstrated over the last ten year has built a little brand for myself. I’m grateful to have friends who trusted me, and invited me to be part of the projects.

Consistency alone is not enough. I added a little twist to my consistency. As I graduated from the one-year coaching program, I became a little different from many trainers or coaches. Some are trainers but can’t coach. Some are coaches but can’t train. I’m a hybrid who can coach and train. I bring in coaching skills onto the training ground, and vice versa.

This slight difference in positioning created some opportunities. In programs that require my coaching skill, I can be involved. On top of that, if there’s a training segment required, I can put on the training hat. This little differentiation got me stands out from the rest, not to mention that I bring along a different style of training, a training style with coaching flavours.

Lastly, integrity is the most important lesson, more important than the two that were mentioned above. Take note that people are observing you all the time. People are observing your values, personality, and capability. Although I’m not living in 100% integrity yet, I strive towards that.
And people see that.

People want to work with those with high integrity. Having a high integrity brings you far ahead than those who don’t.

The three lessons for the week: Consistent, different and integrity. Out of this three, integrity will never change. No one can tell if I will still do what I do next year. I can’t tell if I will still discover a twist in my role to be different. But integrity cannot be change, period.

One thought on “An Anxious, Tiring, Yet Fulfilling Week

  1. Subrina Ng

    Hi Joe,

    That’s why I find your Public Presentation Mastery workshop different from the rest of the public speaking courses which I had attended. And coz of the coaching elements which you had incorporated in lives were transformed during the workshops and classes. You don’t just focus on the external but also the internal factors of oneself… We benefit because of that difference you had made!


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