When You Start Believing

Are you having this belief of “Seeing is Believing”? If you truly believe this statement, you may be a follower all the time. You may not have created anything or started anything new. You won’t be the pioneer of anything, you are definitely not a trailblazer.

A more powerful belief is “Believing is Seeing”. The state of innovation and revolution starts from here. Those with this belief lead the pack. They start things when no one sees. They truly believe that they can create something out of nothing.

Only when you start believing, there is meaning to live. Otherwise, you are just living in another person’s believe. Doubts are the killer to dreams and you have the choice to stop this dream killer. All you have to do is to choose to believe.

Believe that you are capable enough, good enough, loving enough, fast enough, young enough, smart enough, efficient enough, creative enough, confident enough. All of you are enough when you start believing.

How irony it is when some parents want their children to excel in life but tell their children that they are not good enough? How irony it is when our education system wants our younger generation to be the pillars of the countries but creates a system to mark them down?

Instead of building the young seedlings, we destroy them with grades and scores. The system destroys their beliefs in themselves. The moment they enter the work-force factory, the children stop believing. You, me and we are a victim of this system.

Over the weekend, I co-train a program, igniting participants about their dream again. Inspiring them to start believing in themselves again .No amount of skills, techniques are useful if you don’t start believing that you can.

When you start believing, no amount of obstacles can crash you. When you start believing, you can overcome the biggest challenge in life. When you start believing, you won’t stop until you achieve.

So when are you going to start believing?

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