Relationship Between Exercising And Success In Life

Six months ago, I made a goal. Gain muscle mass of about 3kg. I signed up a gym membership for my regular workout. While I’m writing this post, I gain 4kg. In the process of achieving this goal, I learned new knowledge about exercising. Maybe specifically gaining weight for my body type. This new knowledge is related to success in life.

One of the important things that a gym rat will do is to keep loading heavier and heavier weights. Your muscle will grow when you tax them with heavier weight each time.

Immediately, I relate this to success in life. When you constantly take on new and bigger problems, your problems solving ability will expand each time. Whatever area you want to find success in, find bigger problems related to the area.

You probably also know this too. There are more distinctions that I learned about gaining weight that are related to success in life.

In fact, I visited the gym regularly about 2001 – 2008. Though, I was pumping very hard till muscles fatigue, I didn’t gain any weight. This time round, I actually didn’t work till muscles fatigue. I probably bring it to 70%, before my muscles breakdown. And I see changes, the 4kg gain is a proof.

The difference is I increase my intake of food. I am not that committed in food. I don’t follow the gym diet of protein and calories. I just take the food that I love. I’m having five meals a day – three main meals with two small meals.

I don’t have to work out as hard as I used to, but add the food intake. And the result is great.

Though success is lot of hard work and perseverance. Step back to look at your process. Has the process been giving you the highest return on investment? Is there something that you are missing that could propel you upwards quickly? By adding that element, the results may swing up beyond your imagination.

One last distinction about gaining muscles mass. Having enough sleep. The muscles need to rest after a work out. Resting allows them to grow so that they are ready for the next session.

Working on your success takes lots of energy. Your mind needs to rest and recuperate to function at 100% optimum capacity.

In conclusion, the learning from gaining weight tells me that success is not determined by only one factor. Many factors can contribute to success. Like gaining weight, besides working out, the intake of food and amount of rest contribute to the weight gain.

The same goes to success. Many factors play a part. Working hard is just one part of the equation. What else would contribute to your success?

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