I Was So Broke That I Was Having Instant Noodle Daily 10 Years Ago

Starting a business is called the road less travelled. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. I am absolutely not the faint hearted. Thinking that it was not difficult enough, I raise the intensity of the challenge. I started my business in 2003 with only one month of reserves, no cashflow and a car loan.

Challenging, isn’t it?

The business cost consumes my savings very quickly. I panicked. I didn’t do my costing properly when I ventured out. The financial problem got to me very soon. I have to stretch my dollar. Every dollar is so precious during the crisis.

In order to lengthen my survival period, I ate instant noodle everyday. $2 could last me five meals if I were to take instant noodles.

This intention of this post is not about how I spent my $2. This post is about how I turned from someone who took instant noodle daily to generating $6,000 of trainer’s fee a day.

Honestly, there was a time that I thought I couldn’t go on anymore. How can anyone survive on that kind of financial situation? The easiest way is to find a job with fix income. Don’t have to worry about uncertainty.

But I didn’t quit.

I am very clear about my values. One of my values is FREEDOM. Time freedom and personal freedom. Having a job means I lost my freedom in both time and personal.

You may mention that one can also lose his freedom when running a business. That is true, but the difference is between willingness and reluctance.

I am happy to lose my freedom working for myself, my team and the people I love. This value drives me to build the business daily. In order to enjoy my freedom, I didn’t look for a job. I chose to bite the bullet, to ride through the dark moments of life.

The resistant to give in to life and social norms shapes my life today. Enjoying my freedom by doing what I love. At the same time, building my wealth. And yes, I still take instant noodles, but it is a choice now.

My other driving force is to live a passionate life, otherwise I would have relented to life. I love my mission on earth. I love what I am doing. I love to train, coach and inspire.

This passion keeps me alive. One thing I truly believe is that I can be a damn good trainer and coach. I’m inspired to be that, to help fellow human beings through training and coaching.
And so as I learn and improve over the years, my trainer’s fee also improves.

When you are doing what you are passionate about, others can feel it. While you are doing it because of your passion not the money, people are willing to pay top dollar for you passion. They are not buying the skills but your passion.

Therefore some trainers are making $500/day, I am being paid 12 times this amount.

My lack of formal certification contributed to shaping my life too. Without being in the formal education system for many years, I wasn’t being framed up in the box. There wasn’t a limit when I first started out. I didn’t question about if I can be a trainer without proper certificate and training. I just decide to be a trainer, and start conducting training.

I never thought of am I qualified? I never had that limiting thought.

Achieving success is all in your mind. If you are having questions to doubt your ability, they are your limiting thoughts. Breaking away from these limiting thoughts will truly set you free.

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