7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 1

Do you read the biography of the highly successful people? Do you hear their life stories in some seminars? Do you watch them on video interviews? What was going on your mind when you were read, hear or watch them? I always have two questions in mind.

What did they do differently? (external)
What is going on in their mind? (internal)

I am so intrigue by their thoughts and behaviour. What made them so different from many others? What made them the outliers? I studied them, learn from some of them, wanting to be as successful as they are.

I concluded the 7 characteristics of highly successful people. And I am on my way to become as successful as them. Everyday, I’m getting nearer towards my dream life.

Passionate Audacious Dream
Every successful person that I studied possess a huge audacious dream. That’s not it because many also possess a huge audacious dream. The difference is that the successful ones are ultra passionate about their dreams.

In the first place, do you know what is a dream? Not the kind that you have when you are asleep, and hope that you can continue to sleep so that the dream can continue.

On the contrary, these dreams are the ones that got you jump out of your sleep. You don’t want to continue to sleep because you have to make the dream real.

How do these successful people get so passionate about their dreams?

First of all they are aligned with their dreams. Their thoughts, words and behaviour are moving towards the dreams. Thus, they no longer struggle with themselves. They don’t have to struggle to wake up every morning. They’ll wake up because they are living in congruent.

Michael Jordan’s dream is to be the greatest basketball player in his time. He invested huge amount of time to practice. Imagine, Michael Jordan played baseball. He attempted, and had a mediocre result.

The difference here is these highly successful are living to fulfill their dreams, whereas many others are living to fulfill other people’s dreams. How would you be passionate if you were living to fulfill someone else’s dream.

Unfortunately, many don’t even know what is their dream. So they have to live for someone else’s dream. If you were to ask anyone about their dreams, they would tell you a selfish dream.

What is a selfish dream?

Dreams that are focusing on themselves. Own a bigger house, drive a bigger car, own a business empire, taking care of family, achieve financial security. These dreams are the main difference between mediocre and ultra successful. These dreams are the culprit towards mediocre. These are considered small dreams in the context of the highly successful people.

These dreams won’t bring you to be ultra success. Beside passionately loving their dreams, the highly successful people has other kinds of dreams that drive them in the path of success. Their dreams are not for the faint-hearted.

After studying them for a while, I discovered that the highly successful people possess a kind of dreams that are different.

What are their dreams?
Their dreams are usually bigger than themselves. You will hear them saying,
“I want to change the world.”
“I want to be the best.”
“I am aiming to be No. 1.”
“I want to help more people.”

Bill Gates declared to place a computer in every household in the world. Not there yet, but enough to shake the world.

Their dreams tend to take them very far out of their comfort zone. Compare to their dreams our dreams are either inside of our comfort zone or just located at the edge of our comfort zone. Our dreams are so small compared to theirs.

In many motivational books or seminars, you are told to dream big. They have a reason for saying that. By having a dream bigger than yourself may not guarantee that you can be highly successful. But by dreaming small, you definitely won’t be.

How big is your dream? When are you going to shake the world?

What is the second characteristic of a highly successful people? Continue reading.

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