7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 4

In our previous issues of this series, we discussed on the kind of dreams they possess, willingness to accept failure and the spirit of resilient. In this Part 4 of the series, you are going to learn the different side of the highly successful individuals. You are going to learn that they are also human.

Yes, highly successful individuals are also human. They will do what other human will do. They will whine and complain. Different from what many others say about the highly successful people, right? Most articles will mention that these highly successful people do not complain, do not lay blame and do not justify.

The truth is they do.

Hello, they are human too. They experience all the not nice emotions too. Just like you and me, bad things happen to them too. Just like you and me, they got to find a suitable channel to release these not nice emotions.

However there is something that the highly successful people do after whining that most of the people don’t. This difference got them stand out from the rest. This difference brings them the success that others are chasing.

Highly successful people whine like us too. But they don’t whine and do nothing like many others. They whine and will act to change the situation. Highly successful people know that whining non-stop on the same thing won’t change anything. They dislike the idea of whining on the same issue. You will hear them complaining once or twice and then it’s action.

Some good friends whom I know for many years are multi-millionaire. Sometimes, we do exchange our whines, but I don’t hear about the same complains more than twice. Unlike many of my other friends,whining on the same thing over and over again. Up to the point that I want to avoid them because I know exactly what are they going to say.

Highly successful individuals face unforeseen circumstances too. They are met with unexpected results as well. Instead of whining a hundred times, they whine once to release the outburst of not nice emotions. After that, they’ll jump into action to ensure the issue is no longer there.

It’s not that highly successful individuals don’t whine, just that you don’t notice it because their whining is usually so short. And they don’t remind you constantly about what is wrong because they’ll make it right by the next time you see them.

This leads to the word RESPONSIBILITY – the ability to response. A situation arise, how do you response? Do you response by whining and complaining only? Highly successful people response by whining maybe, but definitely resolving the issue.

So what are yo whining about lately? What can you do about the issue to stop the whining completely?

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