7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 5

We are half way through this series, if you have not read the previous version, here you can start from Part 1, or you can read Part 4 here. It doesn’t matter which Part you start reading from, as long as you are getting value from it.

The subject of the Part 5 of this series is STRENGTH and probably the most difficult to achieve in the whole series.

How come this could be the most difficult to achieve?

Let’s do a test.

Can you list down all your strengths? What are you good at specifically? If you are in a team, in what areas can you contribute? If you were to join a team, how would you promote yourself?

In the course of my work, many find it difficult to answer the questions above. Many have no idea what they are good at.

A lady friend wanted to join my company in 2011. But she wasn’t certain about her strength. She wasn’t sure how she could contribute to the company. Not knowing her strength, we couldn’t find a fit. I didn’t know where to put her. Even if I placed her someplace, she might be in the wrong seat hindering her performance.

Highly successful person can spell out their strength very well. They know specifically what they can do, what they can’t do. They are good at marketing, creating, managing, speaking or processes etc.

They are fully aware of their unique skill, having a full clarity of how much is within their capability. They know exactly where to draw the line to pass on the job that they are weak in.

Knowing your strength is the first challenge. Drawing the line is the second challenge.

A highly successful individual is good at creating products. He leaves the selling to someone who is the expert in sales and marketing. He fully utilizes his strength and leverages on other people strength.

Highly successful people know when is the time to let go to allow the experts to takeover. I’ve seen some who want to do everything one their own. Waste too much time, too inefficient and producing mediocre work.

To have absolute clarity of your strength is the challenging part. It took me ten years to identify clearly my strength. I was figuring out what I’m good at but the situation was blurry. I kind of grabbed hold of it, but could not pin point it clearly.

I know I’m quite good in training, but why am I good? I’m good at engaging the audience. I’m good at getting audience participation but I couldn’t pin point how come I am good at it. I’m unable to express it in words in conviction then.

Until recently, I became very clear on this unique strength that I utilized in all my trainings. I’m very clear on how come I do what I do, and how come I’m good at it. I will avoid conducting any workshop that doesn’t utilize this unique strength. Because I will take too much time to deliver a mediocre work, and this is unfair to the participants.

Highly successful people understanding their strength, and focus on maximizing it. They won’t touch anything that is not within their capability. They invite those who can complement them to take care of that part.

With this arrangement, they are able to invest more time in their strength, thus, getting better and better at what they do.

Find out your strength, be very good at it, outsource the rest. Avoid being jack of all trades. You can’t do everything on your own. Attempting to do everything alone won’t achieve high standard of delivery.

Be focus, this time focus on your strength.

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