7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 6

We are now moving into Part 6 of this success series. You may like to read Part 5 here if you have not read it. You will find an in-depth writing about strength and weakness.

In Part 6, you will learn of something that you may not come across on successful people. At least not many success books will mention it. My frequent hanging around these highly successful friends provided me the insight of the sixth characteristic of highly successful people.

Every one of them possesses this characteristic that brought them to a higher awareness of themselves and their surroundings. This higher awareness allows them to implement new ideas effectively, thus achieving ultimate success.

The ability to practice self-reflection got these highly successful individuals to stand out among the average bunch who do not. Every incident, every experience becomes an opportunity to reflect and learn about themselves and others.

So what do these highly successful individuals reflecting on? You will see two entry points about their reflection in this post.

Reflecting On Personal Level
Highly successful individuals possess a high ability to reflect on themselves. Say a bad incident may happen to them. While they may dwell in it for a moment, they are able to quickly reflect on the cause of the incident on a personal level.

They ask five questions.

  • What did they do to create this incident?
  • How are they responsible for it?
  • Why do they react in certain ways?
  • What’s in them that go them triggered?
  • What has to change to improve the situation?

Well, not that they will definitely ask these five questions, but they definitely reflect on a personal level.

I was faced with team members leaving in 2012. I dwelled in it, in fact not for a moment, but for quite sometime. Dwelling doesn’t get me anywhere, I won’t learn anything, and I was in resentment.

Fortunately as a Coach, it’s just a matter of time I will turn inwards for reflection. I learned many lessons on this incident. Like, I wasn’t even clear about the business, how would I translate down to the team members? My quick temper that can quickly shut off any form of communication the moment I sense abandonment or betrayal can be a killer to any harmonious environment.

Self-reflection helps you gain awareness of the roots of your behaviour. With that awareness, you bring positive changes to yourself.

Noticing of my quick temper, I manage to hold it at certain times, not allowing it to explode. Well, though only at certain times. But it did allow me to hear and understand from the other person’s perspective first, instead of proclaiming them guilty.

Reflecting On External Level
External can means work, methods, delivery style, strategies etc. Frankly, not many highly successful individuals possess the ability to reflect on a personal level, but all of them definitely possess the ability to reflect on external level.

Reflecting on external level is the fundamental of success. Strategies and methods have to be refined to be applicable to respective individual. The constant improving of strategies becomes a never-ending process.

They tends to challenge the status quo, “what use to work may not work anymore”, “what was effective can be more effective”. When the ball drops, they immediately reflect on the process to tighten the gap, ensuring there is no second time.

Always reflect on the external level for this is your fundamental. Better still, reflect on a personal level to truly gain awareness of self as your reaction to events determine if you achieve success by force or by true power.

Watch out for the last part of this series!

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