You Can Be Happy If You Do This

How do you be happy? While people do not explicitly shout out that they are looking for happiness, their everyday actions reflect it.

Look at the goals that you set. Do you really want these goals as it is? Not exactly! What you want is what the end game of the goals. You want the feeling of happiness that these goals can bring you. Until these goals no longer provide you the happiness, you are onto a new goal.

The dream house, the faster car, better mobile phone, trendier handbag, branded shoes, high end audio system etc, we are looking for the things these items can bring to us. We are looking for the happiness at the end of the day.

This is one of the ways to feel happy. This is the way to a happiness that do not last. The proof is the never-ending pursuit of possession. The proof is the rise of consumerism.

You formed an illusion that purchasing these materials brings you happiness. You are right. But you didn’t realize that happiness from this illusion only last awhile. And then you went on for a new pursuit to find new happiness.

And then there is another group who search for happiness from intangible addiction. Drugs, gambling, sex, alcohol can lead to the so called “high”. Again these are temporary fix. It didn’t address the root of happiness.

In one of my Happiness posts, I also mentioned about the art of happiness which you can read it here.

In 2013, I live my life to find happiness. I explored different avenues to reach happiness. And I discovered happiness through this new avenue, a permanent and satisfying way.

What I found out is when one is contributing without expectation of returns, this act of contribution alone creates our desirable happiness. Some people call it charity or volunteer work. So how come charity work creates happiness for us?

First of all, contributing has all along been the main purpose of human being. Having a full time job is a form of contribution. The difference is that we expect to be compensated compared to charity work.

Having a job is a very important part of our life. Besides earning our keep to purchase possessions that make us happy, working in a job creates our values of existence. When you are contributing your skills and knowledge into this world, you feel useful. This is a proof of your purpose of existence.

Therefore contributing is a huge part of us. Doing charity means we are contributing, thus, creating happiness.
Secondly, contributing without any expectation of returns means you give wholeheartedly. In my previous post about happiness, expectation is the cause of most unhappiness.

When you expect to receive one gram of compensation for every gram of energy used, this wanting of the return has already cause tension. And not getting the one gram of compensation means an unmet expectation which definitely causes an upset.

However, when you give without expectation, you basically eliminate this avenue of unhappiness. And all you get is pure happiness.

So give generously, give in your own way.

For me, I donate to two organizations in Singapore. Club Rainbow and World Vision monthly. Club Rainbow helps to fulfill wishes of kids who have terminal illness, while World Vision takes care of survival condition and education of children in Third World Country.

These monthly donations humbled me to continue to do what I can because there are some parts of the World that need our contribution.

Few days ago, I joined a friend, Bee Bee who initiated to bring joy to a group of intellectual disabled at Bishan Home. This is my little way getting happiness.

Bishan Home

There is one more way to gain happiness besides pursuing after possession or getting hooked on addiction. Contribution without expectation is much more satisfying for the soul.

Give as much as you want, give as much as you can. When you bring happiness to others, you also brings happiness to yourself.

4 thoughts on “You Can Be Happy If You Do This

  1. Subrina Ng

    Yes, doing the little things with a big heart! Life is not all about achieving, pursuing or receiving. Being able to give and provide in any forms or way itself is already a blessings ! In time of crisis, who knows ..the one who warms our heart could be someone we do not even know. What goes around will come around.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Imagine when the whole world is doing the little things with a big heart, humanity can evolve. We can then experience peace throughout the whole world.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      It starts with a little kindness. Maybe to the person whom we love, and doing the extra with heart will make a difference not in they lives, but ours.


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