The Ugliest Woman or The Most Inspiring Woman

Recently, this lady being labeled as the ugliest woman in the world, Lizzie Velasquez showed up on my Facebook wall due to the sharing of many friends. As a curious netizen, my curiosity got the better of me. I need to take a look at this lady, I need to know why are people labeling her as the ugliest woman. And to my horror…

Holy Cow!

To my horror, whoever labels her ought to be hanged. Well, I know this might be a marketing angle, but what I saw was an amazing beautiful being. I saw a confident, beautiful and resilient soul wanting to inspire the world.

I also saw a soul who was hurt, in pain and wounded. Most likely being bullied as a child, but she turned her negative experience into her driving force to succeed, eventually achieving her dream as a motivational speaker.

After watching this, you have no more excuses about not achieving anything because you are too fat, too old, too skinny, too young, too ugly or too poor. Any of your negative experiences no longer can be your excuse to not achieve your dream.

Lizzie Velasquez has shown us what the human spirit is capable of. When your heart, mind and soul are aligned, together with massive action, you can achieve great things.

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