Get Out of The Misery Trap and Live Happily Ever After?

Through my observation of all my clients, friends and family, I found out you got to possess an important condition to live happily ever after. One very important person whom I observed is my mum. My mum is in a peaceful and happy state right now. I learned some great lessons about happiness by observing some of her interesting encounters.

In the process of observation, I discovered this very important condition is the difference between happy and misery. It is the difference between living life in peace and chaos.

See if you can find out this important condition after I shared my mum’s story.

Happily ever afterMy mum is an ordinary woman with no ambitious and huge vision in life. Her only purpose is to raise both her children up well. Beside taking care of my sister and me, she worked as a seamstress, worker in a production line, stall assistant in a coffee shop etc. She isn’t well educated with little command of English. By the time, I’m in Primary One, she could no longer support me in my school work anymore.

But what I am going to share with you is the gem of life. My mum demonstrated living a happy life as an ordinary stay at home mum.

1st Story
In the year of 2011, my sister had a huge quarrel with everyone in the family. (My mum, dad, wife and me.) This is the biggest quarrel we ever had because everyone is involved. This was the first time I heard my mum wanted to jump down from my place, and wanted to cut ties with my sister.

My sister and her husband shifted out of our place after the quarrel. For me, I refused to connect with her for a year. My wife couldn’t forgive her because she felt that my sister wrongly accused her.

My mum was the first one to connect with my sister again after many months. She forgave my sister, and willingly let go of the unhappy incident. My mum never brought it up again. My sister and me got connected back again because of my mum’s relentless attempt to bring us back again.

When my sister and me hug for the first time after the quarrel, my mum clapped her hand with so much happiness and joy.

This is my mum. What did you get from this incident?

2nd Story
My mum doesn’t like complicated things. The owner of the stall that my mum was working at wanted to del that stall. So my mum was given the priority to takeover from the owner.

My mum declined the offer as she just wanted life simple, not wanting to take on the hassle of running a small business. She eats and lives simple. Her only hobby is watching TV. I often hear her laughter while enjoying her TV shows every evening.

She avoided branded goods. All her bags, shoes and clothes are below $50. Everything about my mum is so simple. She never ever thought of wanting more of any material possession.

She told me that all she wants is to be happy and the family to be harmonious. Simple thing like having meals as a family makes her happy.

While I sometimes fell into trap of complication, she reminds me that happiness can be simple.

This is my mum. What did you get from this story.

3rd Story
One day she bought tissue from an elderly lady who’s on a wheelchair. This lady requested my mum to push her to another place. My mum acceded to her request but not knowing which is the best route for wheelchair, my mum took the wrong route. The elderly lady started scolding her.

My mum did not take it to heart and continued to push her to the destination despite being complained.

When she told me this incident, she said, “Don’t need to be angry, the scolding doesn’t hurt me. I’m doing good deed, so doesn’t matter. Selling tissue paper on the street at such an old age, no wonder she does not has a good temper.”

This is my mum. What did you get from this story?

From this three story, you will probably get forgiveness, letting go and simplicity. You are absolutely right! But remember I did mention about a very important condition to be happy.

This very critical condition to lead an happy life is the state of mind. Events happen to us throughout our life. Focus on the ultimate objective – to be happy.

If you just want to be happy, what will you do?

People who fell into the trap of misery because of one simple reason. They did not focus on the ultimate objective. Instead of focusing on being happy, they focus on their ego.

What are you focusing on right now? What will you do to fulfill your ultimate objective?

3 thoughts on “Get Out of The Misery Trap and Live Happily Ever After?

  1. richmiraclefiles

    Hi Joe
    There is a lot of forgiveness going on around there and its is certainly very encouraging.
    Conflcit in human relations rises out of fear and when both parties are fearful they end up
    in a mess of hurt emotions and unpleasant memories.
    Well the courage to forgive is a huge thing and it has helped heal wounds across centuries.
    richmiraclefiles recently posted..Cherish That Present MomentMy Profile

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Mona,
      Definitely take courage to forgive. While some feel that the one who make the first move loses. On the contrary, the one who makes the first move gain everything.


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