I Am Afraid of Being Judged Too

Somewhere stated that most people would rather die than to do public speaking. Thus, public speaking is deemed as the greatest fear that any human could possibly face.

Well, I don’t agree with this entirely. Whoever said this is not looking deep enough.

Public speaking is not the fear itself, it is the activity the draws out the real fear in you – the fear of being judged.

Imagine speaking in front of 50 people means 50 pairs of eyes ready to judge you at any point in time. This is the real fear in people, the real fear in you and me. Yes, I am afraid of being judged too.

Do I dread public speaking? You bet. Just that I’ve overcome it. But judgments come in many forms, hit you in many ways. Overcoming public speaking, doesn’t mean I overcome other forms of judgments. Anything that puts you or your work in public is exposed to judgments.

I have been learning singing for 3 months. I have performed in front of small groups 2 months back. Here is the post about the performance. This week, my Singing Coach took another video of me of a song I have been practicing for awhile.

I am reluctant to post this practice video up because it wasn’t that good, losing control of my voice at so many places. Putting this video up means I am open to many possible judgments.

But I always tell my clients that it doesn’t have to be perfect, who is to judge? So I guess I got to walk the talk. So here is the imperfect video so that I move one step closer to liberation from judgment.

Feel free to comment. I am not afraid of being judged, I can take it.

2 thoughts on “I Am Afraid of Being Judged Too

  1. richmiraclefiles

    We are all quite judgmental by nature.And we do need to give up our comparisons and judgement.

    The simplest route out of the mire presently is to accept this truth;that we are living a fragmented existence mostly.And next, to sit quietly every day and examine our inner proclivities closely.Then, perhaps,through this quiet sifting of intentions we can come a bit closer to comprehending something deeper.Perhaps a faint light down the tunnel
    richmiraclefiles recently posted..Change Your Self Talk and Get the Most Out of Your ThinkingMy Profile

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