What If Everything in This World is an Illusion?

What if everything in this world is like the movie, Matrix by Keenu Reeves, is an illusion? What if everything you see is to bring control over you, so that you conform to the rules that were created by a few human beings.

One of the effective rules that we have created, that ruled us for thousand of years is money. And to optimize the rule of “money”, a second rule is needed: scarcity. When both “money” and “scarcity” are used together, we conform like sheep.

People conform to the thought that to have possessions, one requires huge amount money. The more possessions you like to have, the more money you got to amass.

But if you track all the way back to the source, we took most of our possessions from Mother Earth. And Mother Earth gives freely, she doesn’t charge us a single cents. A few human being brought in scarcity, thus we start trading. And to ease the burden of trading, money is introduced.

Gradually more and more rules revolving around money and scarcity are introduced. Business, entrepreneurship, career path, investing, interest rate, best of something, something of the year, different gambling games, recreational spots, festivals, stock exchange, government are all part of the game to control and conform.

The more I look at how the whole society is being built, the more it looks like a matrix to me.

Being in the Matrix is not a bad thing actually. Our society progresses due to the rules of “money” and “scarcity”. We get to be more efficient in every aspect of our life. We have cars to replace the horses, emails to replace post mail, smart phones to replace paid phones.

Well, there is actually nothing bad about being in the Matrix. However, it may not be supportive if you are attached to it. What do I mean by attached to it?

Wanting to make the 10 million dollars, and it’s never enough. Chasing titles after titles to showcase your prowess. Hooked onto famed, and the number of exposure will never be enough. Looking down on those who are not as rich, famous, skillful etc. Having an illusion that you are a special breed. When you are never contented with what you have despite having enough for you and your children, chances are you are attached to the matrix. You are being controlled and you conformed to the rules of matrix.

The Matrix serves as a prison when you allow it to. Attaching to the matrix creates a prison around you. You can no longer act and live freely. For example, do you have to behave in a certain way because of your title? Do you have to dress in a particular style, dine in a certain restaurant, drives a certain brand of car etc?

The thing is this, I don’t see that anyone can change the matrix. And to get out of the matrix, you probably have to become a hermit in some mountains. Since that is the case, why not choose to enjoy in the matrix, but lose the attachment? Play within the rules, and at the same time, you don’t have to impress anyone. This way you are free within the matrix.

If the world is an illusion, you can choose to enjoy in this illusion with the option to wake up anytime by not attaching to it.

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