Life is Not Just About Bank Account

I believe that life is more than building my bank account. I do not like the idea of spending most part of my life making money only because life is more than that. To me, life is about collecting experiences, making money is just one of these experiences. That means, I walk the earth to test out new activities that will enrich my life.

Therefore, I am always willing to test out new activities. Riding a scooter in a foreign country, lighting fireworks, visiting a Kelong etc. Even in business wise, I am also treating it like new activity. The business is going through a new phase which is new to me.

Having said all these about experiences, the other important experience that I treasure is relationship with people. Every interaction provides me with different experiences, every argument provides me with different ways of handling issues, every reconciliation provides me with different satisfactions.

I enjoy interacting with friends not to talk about business only. I enjoy talking about other things other than the next biggest opportunities. I enjoy just hanging out and doing thing we love together.

Accept the spontaneous in life. You get to experience different range of experience. Things do not always go as plan, but as you accept the detour, you’ll experience life differently.

When my friend and me were going off after our singing class last week, it was raining so heavily that we couldn’t go anywhere but to stay in the school. It so happened that we met other friends there. The rain totally threw our individual’s plan off, but we accept the detour and start to have fun at the small band area. We sang, strummed the guitar and played the piano.

impromptu music

The impromptu music gathering.

We threw aside what we planned to do, but just enjoy each other’s company in spontaneity. Life is not just about having a fat bank account, but enjoying each other’s presence in the moment too.

Are you enjoying the moment?

10 thoughts on “Life is Not Just About Bank Account

  1. Kenneth Tong

    Totally agree that making money isn’t everything. I hope to have fun and enjoy other experiences along the way. Am glad that the rain occurred so suddenly that you’ve enjoyed other fun experiences.

    I am enjoying my other experiences too nowadays. I’m privilege to have engage myself in street soccer near my house. This had brought much happiness to me and my 2 boys. I’ve learned to lose weight and be more than healthier before coz I would play for about 3 – 5 hours. This has also provided me an avenue for my 2 boys to burn their excess NRG (energy) and also learn from the street boys how to think and play differently.

    Thanks for sharing this story with me and keep up the good work, Coach 🙂

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      You simple touch my heart, Kenneth. Playing football with your boys seems like a sacrifice to me. However, you gained other benefits precessionary.

  2. Chang Shiang Ng

    Joe’s writeup is always interesting and simple to understand. I had gained much by reading his articles. He shared consistently about things that are larger than life. I love to read his articles on personal development and his daily observation. A down-to-earth coach who is always giving to benefit others. Thank you Joe!

  3. Subrina

    Absolutely! Life is more than just the bank account. It is unpredictable and can just changed over night without prior notice. Money cannot buy the happy moments with our family, loved ones and friends. Be grateful, treasure the moments, treasure the companion as life has no take 2. We don’t need to lose it before to know it.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Subrina, unfortunately not many actually notice it. Despite saying they know, their actions speak otherwise.

  4. Sean Lim

    Absolutely, Joe.

    I speak for myself … ever since passing the age of 30, time seemed to fly by even more quickly. I wonder where my past few years have gone. And in a few more, I’m going to be 40!

    Statistically, that’s past my halfway point in life.

    I shudder at the thought of waking up one day when I’m 75 or 80, & realizing I’ve barely lived.

    I guess I’m already conscious to some extent … taking steps to enjoy more moments. But I’m committed to be even MORE conscious.

    Just when I was talking to you about it … I met Tang 😉

    More great things to come!
    Sean Lim recently posted..My date with a Professor …My Profile


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