5 Ways to Feel Good About Yourself

Do you sometimes feel not so good about yourself but sometimes feel extremely great? It happened to all of us, isn’t it? Fortunately for me, I felt extremely great about myself in the last 2 weeks.

I reflected and counted my wins to dissect my life in the last 2 weeks. I like to note down the causes of this feeling so that I can maintain this feeling. I reckon that if I continue to do these things, I would have continued to feel great. So here are my reflections.

Healthy Lifestyle
I am not an exercise freak, but I like to workout to take care body and raise my energy. Exercise definitely makes me feel good about myself. We function well when our trinity (Body, Soul, Mind) is functioning well. Exercising takes care of one part of the trinity – the body.

Knowing that my body is taken care of, seeing that my muscles are working and feeling my heart is pumping strongly becomes a happy moment.

I workout in the gym 2 – 3 times a week to work on my muscles, play soccer once a week for cardio.

Exercising is more than feeling good about your body. The greater effect is feeling good internally through tough discipline. Working out requires discipline. Waking up an hour earlier to build the body takes discipline. Enduring the muscles strain from circuit training or grasping for air from the run takes perseverance. You feel good not just about your body, but also your discipline and perseverance.

Love your work
How can I miss out on this point? I love what I do. I love to empower others, I love to create content and games for my training. I love to run a business and see the possibility in it. I love the freedom from my work. Loving my work is very important to me as I do not like to feel grumpy all the time.

Loving your work is a sure way to feel good about yourself. If you spend at least one-third of your time in work, you want to be happy about it. Why be unhappy one-third of the time? Let’s do some math here.

Unhappy with our work causes you to stay grumpy for at least 8 hours/day. That’s at least 160 hours/month of unhappiness. How would you feel good when you are unhappy for about 160 hours/month?

Unhappy with your job could mean a few things. Unsuitable job fit, unsupportive environment or not having a purpose in that job. You can read about living a purposeful life here.

You can change to a job that you love, clean up your environment and find the purpose. Topic about unhappy with your job can be another long post by itself, which I may write about it in the future. Meanwhile, find help to feel happy about your job. This is a crucial as most of your time is invest in work.

Make Yourself Useful
I feel good whenever I get to empower somebody through my training, coaching or over a coffee session. I recalled someone asked me about his start-up idea. I challenged him to think bigger because I feel it was rather small.

Many years later, he called me after he received funding for his business. “Thanks to you, Joe. Because of what you said, I started to think bigger. This is the reason why I received funding.”

You may not know that by being useful to others, you get to feel extremely good. Psychologically, we feel our own existence when we are of service to others. Service doesn’t mean serving others directly. It can be serving others indirectly like making something that can be used by many others.

A waitress serves her patrons directly by taking their orders and bringing up their food. I serve my clients directly by delivering my training and coaching them. But a backup singer serves the audience indirectly by bringing out the best of the star singer. Though a backup singer do not serves the audience directly, he/she contributes in another way.

Whatever that you are doing now is to serve and contribute to another person’s life. Seeing yourself as a contributor brings you up, get you to feel good about you.

Someone who sleeps or watch TV all the time wouldn’t feel good about himself as he doesn’t contribute to anyone. Did you notice that those who serve humanity in a big way also have huge confidence? They contributed to the lives of others in such a big way that they feel good about themselves in a big way too.

So doesn’t matter what you do in work or in your free time. Think of how you have been contributing to others. You will immediately shift the feeling inside.

Do What You Love
Do you have a hobby? Are there activities that you enjoy doing? Involving in your preferred activities fills up your spirit tank.

If you are following my blog, you’ll know that I take up singing classes. Singing is something that I enjoy. When the music is played, my spirit is free. My other love is soccer. Sweating it out on the field, getting my adrenaline pumping is a sure way to feel good about myself. I do both of them weekly, so every week I get to feel good.

Here is a new video of me performing to my schoolmates and friends on stage on 21 Nov 2014.

Those who are involved in their hobbies regularly wouldn’t be too far off from the happiness mark. If you have not take up an activity of your choice, you may like to consider picking up one that you love. You will really feel good after doing it.

Think of Improving Yourself
It is sad when I hear or meet those whose lives are stagnant. They are complaining but do nothing to change their unsatisfactory about life. How would their life become better, and how would they feel good if they were unhappy about their situation?

I am constantly looking at how to improve myself, change the unsatisfied situation that I’m in.

I attend workshops, read books or learn from masters. I always asked myself, “how can I improve my current status?” or “How can I do this better?” Answers sometimes came immediately, while sometimes it took years. Still, I get to progress in life just because I look for ways to improve.

Our soul doesn’t want to be stagnated; our soul wants to move forward. You remain stagnant mainly because of fear. You can never feel truly good about yourself when fear locks your movement.

This is a simple way to feel good about yourself. All you can choose to do is to think about improving yourself. At this point, don’t worry about execution on these thoughts. The execution will eventually comes if you think hard enough.

These are my five ways of getting myself feel good. Do you have any other ways beside these five ways?

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