When I Am About To Lose Hope

Things didn’t turn out the way that I wanted. Plans failed, money wasted and spirit lost. For many years, desirable results seem to elude me. New projects launched, and died. New partnership formed, and dissolved. I just don’t seem to get it right, I feel that I’m moving away from my destination instead of moving closer.

Distracting thoughts started to attack my vulnerable mind. Thoughts of giving up surfaced, “why, why go through all these tiring business building experiences? Isn’t it simpler to just be a production line worker? No stress at all as I just have to act according to the alarm.” I was about to lose hope.

Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, I am too lazy to pick up the newspaper to search for a production line related job. This is the only time that I condone laziness.

So I continue to think of new strategies, ideas and niches. I probed around like searching for mines, looking to hit on the right strategy to achieve growth consistently.

Meanwhile, my finance is squeezed due to all the plans that failed. I couldn’t burn any more cash to test strategies. I have to exercise prudence as rent and bills are waiting for me monthly, and the bankers are waiting to pounce on the first late payment.

Give up everything to look for a job so that I can resolve the financial challenges or hang onto everything to plow on the unfertile land filled with uncertainty, yet believing that the gold mine is nearby.

I chose the latter.

And I’m glad that I chose the latter.

2 years of trial and error accompanied with despair and disappointment, I finally found a niche to fit in, a place where my strength is fully utilize. I also found a way to outreach to my potential customers.

In the last few months, companies engaged my service more than once because they saw what I did for them, and they wanted more. In the last few weeks, companies were discussing with me about their next year training programs. They reaffirmed me, “you can do what many Trainers cannot do, you get into their heart.” The struggles were now seem worthwhile after hearing their comment.

I am able to hang on because I hang out with a group of brothers who ask more of me. Their generous feedbacks about my ideas and strategies provide me with alternative perspectives.

Our brainstorming sessions generate monetization ideas for me. Year 2015 is not only a year of ramping up my training programs, but also creating self-development products, both on print and digital.

Turning the corner at the end of year 2014 took awhile, but I’m glad that don’t have to wait any longer.

If you are going through a rough patch, hang on. If you have thoughts of throwing the towel, hang on. If you feel despair and disappointed, hang on. You might not see the corner right now, but it is somewhere around.

Hang out with positive people who are willing to give generously, who are willing to ask more of you. Hang out with those who will push you to your limits.

The struggles are to make your success sweeter.

6 thoughts on “When I Am About To Lose Hope

  1. Kenneth Tong

    Hi Joe

    Thanks for sharing this. I am glad that you’ve got a breakthrough.

    I have always had this feeling that you are a resilent person.

    Continue to do what you do and be eveready to embrace “corrections of path” along the way.

    I wish you the very best for the new year to come.


  2. Sherman Tseng

    Dear Joe,

    I have been very encouraged by your sharing. You come across as a very sincere person, and one whom I would like to know as a friend. Failure and success come as two sides of the same coin (at least for most people I suppose). Resigning from my job as a Vice-Principal to pursue my conviction in education was not easy. Time and again, I have to tell myself to persevere. Thank you very much for your words of wisdom.


    Mighty Tikes

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hey Sherman, thank you for reading! I’m sure it took you lots of courage to make that jump. Persevere is only the first step. Doing adjustments and corrections is the next step towards success.

  3. Subrina Ng

    Hi Joe,

    In our life journey, there were times where plans did not turn out to be what we want, there were times where people disappointed us coz of their own interests vs team spirit, fellowships etc but those were the times that made us a stronger and tougher person. Bear minimum, we cannot lose our own fight spirit and belief !

    Having group of positive people around us to me is a blessing! Words of encouragement during downtime is far more heartwarming and motivated than hour of praises during our glory time as it is during those times that a lift of spirit or a hand that reach out can help spur the moment and change the whole destiny of a person. Tough things don’t last but tough people do!

    Also it is not how well ones started but how well ones finishes the race ! The best has yet to come and all will come in the coming days and year of 2015 !

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Subrina, thank you for reading this post. I am definitely blessed with a group of great brothers who look out for me. Yeah, Year 2015 will be an exciting year!


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