Why Did I Continue To Attend Singing Classes

I sing, and I love it. Unfortunately, I didn’t know how to sing properly. Although I went singing with friends regularly, I know that I didn’t sound very nice.

In order not to torture my friends anymore, I finally went for singing lessons in February 2014 – a 2-day singing workshop with a finale performance at the end.

There is a significant improvement, and actually opened up a whole new world. There are so much more to singing that I can use the whole life to master it.

The usual curious me decided to explore down this path. Not to be a professional singer but to see how far this path goes.

I opt to continue my singing class in a weekly basis. As I attend my weekly classes, I notice that this is a journey towards mastery. Mastering the control of my voice is not something that can be done in 3 months.

As I gave myself 6 months to learn all that I can, the thought of discontinuing the singing lesson surfaced. Also singing is only a leisure to me, my end game is not to be a professional singer or to participate in singing competition; why get so good at it?

Still, I continued for a few two more months because I wanted to see how this would turn out. And then something happen. I found a reason to continue the singing. I found my end game.

My end game is to inspire you. To inspire you that despite not having a gift of singing, you can learned and improved from hard work. to inspire you that despite beng amateur; you can eventually reach the pinnacle with relentless spirit and practices. To inspire you that despite the falls, you can be authentic to show who you are to others, not concerned about being judged.

This post is written 2 weeks after my last blooper performance. Since then, I have found a new method to produce sound, supposedly to produce a higher note with less effort. The job now is to master this way of producing sound, so I can continue to inspire you.

You can master anything if you believe it. What are you going to master?

Here is the progression in 2014.

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