How Do I Face Challenges That I Can’t Solve Part 1

Sometimes we are at our peak of our life, but sometimes we are in the valley facing challenges attepting put us down. Despite the challenges we faced, life will always turn out well eventually. Challenges strengthen us, giving us opportunities to reflect and grow.

I met some who don’t want to face challenges, and resulting in them not growing as a person. They’ll turn away in the first sign of challenge.

Then there are some who perpetually face the same challenge for years, and still couldn’t find a solution. They attempt to solve the same challenge using the same method, of course, they couldn’t resolve the persistent challenge. Using the same method will only bring you back to the same place.

To overcome a persistent challenge, simply change a new way of dealing with it. But is it so simple? If it is so simple, how come this group is stuck with it?

How do you face challenges and overcome them?

Change Your Thoughts
It is always about your thoughts first, isn’t it? When a same challenge keep coming back, chances are you have not learned what you are supposed to learn. A challenge persists because you are not thinking differently.

Here is an extreme case.

Kodak was facing huge business challenge with the rise of digital camera. As a company of their size, they would have enough resources to evolve their business model. There is enough time to overcome this challenge yet they remain unchanged. In fact they invented the first digital camera but decided to shelf it. The leaders of Kodak were holding onto their old thoughts, resisting to change. Of course, now we know the fate of Kodak.

In a personal level, you may not crash to the ground like Kodak. But when you are holding onto the same mindset, you cannot overcome the persistent challenges.

How do you change your thought? How do you soften your resistance?

I too hold onto to old mindset. To soften my resistance by asking myself, “what if this new method works?”

In all my trainings or talks, I’ll do a 3 minutes introduction about myself. I crafted this introduction since 2005, and I can recite it reversely. But in one training, one of my teammates commented that I might want to do a minor change to the introduction.

After presenting this introduction for no lower than 1,000 times, can you understand the attachment I have with the old introduction? And who is this person who tell me to change?

But I soften my resistance by asking, “what if he is right? What if this changes enroll more audience?” I did made the change, and I am so far extremely satisfied with the change.

Changing your thoughts can also means changing your perspective. You’ll be surprised that when you look at a challenge from another perspective, the challenge changes. In some instances, challenges can become opportunities when you see them from the opposite side.

One of the challenges that I faced is clients asking for discounts on my training fees. I’ve met peers in the past who gave up training because they couldn’t sustained the business because their clients asked for discounts from them.

I faced the same challenge as my peers. Unlike my peers, I learned to position myself differently, and also to handle the discount question. Today, I do not bulge on my training fees. Of course, I don’t charge an exorbitant price.

I took this challenge as an opportunity to improve myself and found many ways of handling this challenge.

Change your thought, many things begin to change. Change your thoughts, many possibilities can come your way.

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