How Do I Face Challenges That I Can’t Solve Part 3

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Support Network
A supportive team will always beat a one-man show. To clarify, a supportive team doesn’t always mean a team that works with you, it can mean a team that support on your well-being and progress.

Having a team to tackle your challenges can move you out of any situation very quickly. Two heads is better than one, so imagine with a team of four or five committed individuals can really speed up the process of tackling any challenge.

I encourage you to share your persistent challenges with someone. Maybe this person couldn’t help you at all, but at least you are able to get emotional support that is important to your well-being.

When a team of people come together to support one another in their challenges, new solutions will be guaranteed. It always work. Never a time I walked away from my support team without a new solution to my challenge.

The intention of the support team must be spelled out clearly to everyone, and reiterate regularly. All team members must uphold the intention tightly so as to steer the team in the right direction.

You can set your own intention for your team, but remember the purpose is to support the team in tackling everyone’s challenges. Do not turn it into a gossiping group. This is a common behaviour when everyone is familiar with one another, they start to talk bad about other people. Gossiping released poison to the system little by little. Before you knew it, the team is filled with unhealthy energy that can dissolve the group.

Practice Point 2 with your team. You ‘ll be surprised how fast ideas and new solution can flow. Take the opportunity to notice your instantaneous reaction as well.

When gathering your support team, choose your members wisely. There is no hurry to form the team. It is more important to take your time to shortlist suitable, committed and aligned members than to form a team of unaligned members hurriedly.

I took two years to form my first support team. So there’s no hurry, take your time.

A support team not only provides you with new solutions to your challenges, it provides you the accountability to overcome the challenges.

Start having the intention to form your support team.

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4 thoughts on “How Do I Face Challenges That I Can’t Solve Part 3

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  3. Subrina Ng

    Hi Joe,

    Having great minds that think alike to come together to support one another genuinely from their heart and not prioritizing their own interests or with unhealthy energy is indeed a blessing. All the more so for those who are there to give their emotional support. It is a boost to the one in need.


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