You Think You Can Achieve Mastery Alone?

I’ve met many motivated individuals since I stepped into the training industry in 2003. Many will invest thousands of dollars to work on themselves, their mindset, a particular skill or achieve mastery.

On the other hand, some would never invest more than $100 to attend courses. Paying for a course to improve their investment skill, public speaking skill or swimming technique is a waste of money. In their mind, they resist paying someone to learn a skill when they can search on Youtube to learn anything at no cost.

They are right to a certain extend, you can really gain a lot of knowledge from Youtube, but only to a certain extend. To me, when you want to acquire the basic knowledge, Youtube is sufficed. But if you want to be a master, invest some cash to learn from those who have done it. DO you know that your stinginess increases your learning curve by at least three times.

The following examples are based on my experiences about investing some cash to engage someone who can improve my skill or mindset versus learning from Youtube.

Total Immersion Swimming (2012)
If you do not know what is Total Immersion Swimming, have a glimpse of it in the video below.

I attempted to learn this style of swimming on my own. Yes, by watching Youtube videos. There are tons of videos that teach Total Immersion, even the founder of this swimming style has his video on Youtube.

I managed to get the big picture of Total Immersion right, but I was also committing many mistakes. I thought I got it after self-learn for a month, but actually I didn’t.

I thought I have the perfect stroke and kick until I had a Total Immersion Coach. He pointed out my strokes weren’t perfect. I have to go back to basic to strengthen my foundation.

If I were to hire the Coach from the beginning, I would have save one month of my time.

Vocal Session (2014)
10858365_10152887576520180_4472171857964425080_nSearch for “singing techniques” and you’ll find many valuable videos that share with you on how to sing better. They are good videos as I watch them too, they help but only to a certain extend.

Joining a singing class allow me to learn the different techniques of singing. Again my Vocal Coach pointed out on what I am doing incorrectly, and how to improve my singing.

I attempted to sing better my whole life, yet I wasn’t progressing. But one year into the singing class, I am able to sing a lot better using the correct techniques, which I didn’t know in the past.

Singing is more than diaphragmatic breathing, and I wouldn’t be able to figure al the advance techniques on my own.

If I were to engage a Vocal Coach from the start, I would have save many years of agony. I would also save my friends who have to endure my singing.

Taking Videos (2015)
I started to do some educational videos in 2014. You can watch some of them here.

As I was recording and editing these videos, I gained new knowledge about making good videos.

The first video I made wasn’t anywhere near good. Friends commented that the video was too dark. So I start searching on Youtube. I found out that lightings are very important, thus I bought some LED lights.

But even with the LED lights, I could not get the best lightings on my shots. Despite watching numerous Youtube videos on lightings, the problem persists.

I am stuck, and I need help. Suddenly a face came to my mind. A friend who is a photographer for media must know something about lightings.I gained a lot more knowledge about lightings after speaking to him

Though I did not invest any cash into gaining lighting knowledge, I did find an expert to teach me. If I were to ask him from the beginning, I would have save hours of figuring out myself.

I like to think that the above examples serve as a reminder to you. Invest and learn from those who have done it. Free courses can bring you somewhere, but will never bring you to the mastery.

Paying for a course is like investing, eventually you will have your returns

2 thoughts on “You Think You Can Achieve Mastery Alone?

  1. Kenneth Tong

    Totally agreed that I can’t.

    Hoping for things to get better on my side before embarking on the journey towards Mastery.

    We have been riddled with HR issues with the new hires. They are being let off even though we manage the context.

    The other thing is that clients has been using us as their credit centre. Though they will pay, but a 8 – 9 months delay is tad too long for a small company like us to stomach.

    Thanks for sharing 🙂
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