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Another Bucket List Ticked, Another Lesson Learned

If you have been reading my blog, you would have known that I’m an advocate of living life to the fullest – exploring new adventure, stepping into the unknown and challenging the status quo.

Here are the posts of me exploring adventure.

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The latest adventure is Scuba Diving. It took me awhile to finally take up the course, and gosh, I didn’t regret it at all.

Scuba Diving has always been on my bucket list, one of the activities that I want to do before I meet my maker. Striking one item off the bucket list gives a sense of achievement, and it feels great.

What about your bucket list? Have you been striking items off any of your list lately?

In this first diving trip, never did I expect diving has so much to do with life as I did some reflection under the quiet sea world.


So Much to Learn, So Much to Explore, So much to Experience
When I dived underwater to find sea creatures, I was exposed to a whole new world. Got me to realized that the Universe is so huge that there are so much that I do not know yet, so much that I’ve yet explored

Zooming it into my own little training/coaching arena, there are still a lot more to learn, a lot that I do not know. Reminding myself to be open, and not close up my mind.

As a Trainer I am guilty of walking into a seminar room with my filtered glasses, ready to judge whoever is speaking in font of the room. Fortunately I am able to stop the judging by catching myself.

If you can also relate to this, here are some questions to help you open your mind.

  • Do you really know everything in this area?
  • What become possible when you open your mind?
  • What if I’m wrong?
  • How do I know that this definitely won’t work?
  • What if this really works?
  • Why am I resisting/judging?
  • Remove your lid, open your mind to welcome vast amount of knowledge and possibilities.

Keep Moving Forward
In this dive trip, the visibility is not so good. The visibility is probably about 1 – 2 meters ahead. Despite the poor visibility, and the unknown beyond that 2 meters visibility, I have to keep kicking and gliding forward. That’s the only way to see new creatures. Staying put doesn’t help at all.

Isn’t it the same in life? Staying put is not adventurous. Staying put doesn’t get you anywhere. Though you can only see 1 – 2 meters in front of you, you got to keep moving forward to unfold what’s in front of you.

I heard people saying, “There’s too much uncertainty, I’m dare not go forward.” The thing is no one knows what’s in front. Everyday is filled with uncertainty, the only way to have your future unfold is by moving forward one step at a time.

If you have stopped at one place for a long time, this might be a good reminder for you to start taking your first step. Yes, it will take some courage. Read this previous post about 20 seconds of courage.


2 thoughts on “Another Bucket List Ticked, Another Lesson Learned

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Yes, I enjoyed it. And under the water is actually a good place to reflect because it’s absolutely silent. It’s between me and the ocean.


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