Work with a coach

Work With a Coach

Singing has always been my favourite past time. When not working on the business, my time would be used on singing along with music or practicing seriously on the songs that I’m working on. Many of my friends are shocked to hear that I take up singing lessons.

I definitely see a significant improvement in my singing since I took up the singing lesson from Feb 2014 till now. Reflecting on this singing journey, I had distinction about life too.

Though I love singing, and have been singing my life amateurishly, I don’t sing well. Because I wasn’t aware I had bad singing habits until I attended singing lesson. The Singing Coach pointed out my issue and the proper way of singing, which I would never have known if I didn’t attend the the lessons.

I was taught the right way to sing and new singing techniques. Bit by bit, the way I sing change. When I compare to the performance previously, I can tell the difference.

My earlier performance in 2014

But my point here is that I wasn’t aware that I sing so badly. It takes an expert to point out what I wasn’t doing right, and how can I improve.

My most recent performance.

When I reflect on my own career, I understood the reasons people need to engage a Coach. I understood the reasons my clients engage me to support them in their life.

Because on their own, they are limited by their own vision and mindset. Albert Einstein said, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”

Work with a coach

Work with a coach

A Coach will bring new perspective, ideas and knowledge to support your growth in life. With new perspective, you can explore new possibilities that you have never thought of.

In my very own example, it is better to get it right from the start than to go round in circles figuring out on your own. I was doing all the incorrect singing techniques and wasn’t aware of good singing habits all my life until a Coach pointed it out to me.

So your life will really accelerate when you have someone pointing out your blindspots constantly. If you like to have a breakthrough in your life in the shortest possible time, work with a Coach. Get someone whom you are comfortable to work with you, and see yourself soar.

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