One Major Limitation that Stop You From Becoming Ultra Successful

People have dreams, and I suppose you have dreams too. But many fall short of their dreams. The thing is why do you think it happen? How come some are not pursuing their dreams?

It could be the lack of discipline, lack of focus, lack of skill. Yes it could be,but there’s a worse kind of limitation that is causing you not to pursue your dreams.

Almost everyone in this World faces this limitation. But some are able to conquer it, and those who conquer it becomes extremely authentic in the way they live their life.

The one huge limitation that is hindering your success is the fear of judgement. Do not underestimate this fear. Many have been stop by it. Many dreams have been crushed because of this fear.

As I was conducting Action By Choice workshop, participants brought this up. One participant is worried that when he achieves his dream, his friends might say things behind his back. He’s afraid he’ll lose his friends when he become successful. His success is limited by his fear of judgement.

This participant won’t achieve the success that he yearns as long as at the back of his mind he is more concern about the judgements more than the success.

How would you achieve your desired life when you are concerned about how others look at you? To achieve great success, to be at the top of the world, you will inevitably attract judgements. Regardless you did the right thing or not, words of supportive or non-supportive will fly.

Below is a donkey story of how others will judge you no matter what you do.

donkey story1

So how do you shut off the voices from the outside, and only listen from the inside?

Decide Your Priority
What do you want? To achieve your desired life or to be popular? You got to decide one and stick with it. Some will support you, some will not. Some will fund you, some will pour cold water. Some will stand by you, some will attack you. Just know that you can’t please everyone. Bill Cosby said, “If you please everyone, you please no one.”

You live for no one except for yourself. Being happy is the most important thing in your life. What’s the point of pleasing everyone but yourself? What’s the point of sacrificing your dreams just to please others?

Be Yourself
Most important thing about life – Be Yourself. Where is happiness when you can’t even be who you are? Living under someone else’s shadow creates tension internally. You will always be swayed by someone else’s opinion of you. In the process, you can lose yourself. When that happened, one thing is sure to happen – your confidence will plunge.

Your life does not have to be dictate by others. Your life is your life, other people will have their life. All you have to do is just be YOU. You don’t have to live under their expectation or views.

So once you get past the fear of judgements, the whole world of possibilities opens up for you. Suddenly the lid is removed, your life will be filled with positivity. Without this fear, you realized that you can do a lot of things.

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