When Everyone Else is The Problem

Year 2016 has been awesome for me thus far, and I am looking forward to a great 2016. My 2016 target has been set, some trainings has been booked and will be working closely with two organisations in the training departments.

What I’m going to write here is an observation of the trainings that I conducted over the last two weeks, and I’m sure it serves as a reminder for your empowerment in the 2016.

The most common challenges that most of us faced will be giving away our power away by blaming someone else for the undesirable outcome. When you do that, nothing will change and you continue to be frustrated with the outcome.

Conducted the team building trainings and what I heard most of the time is the staff are not performing, the other departments are not cooperative, the team members are not helpful etc.

And I have not heard anyone saying “I take ownership of the outcome, allow me to change things around.” When everyone in the organization is on the same page, this will be the best performing organization to work in. And the turnover rate will be reduced tremendously. People leave an organization not because of the pay but because of unhappiness due to negative environment.

One of the evaluations from a 3-day training program conducted recently for one organization, it’s written, “Joe was sometimes not loud enough. The statement fades away.”

I am absolutely not affected by this feedback. My point is to bring across a message that some do not address the issue right away but waited to the point when nothing can be changed.

Firstly, I mentioned in the beginning of the program that if I am too soft, please sound off to me so I can increase the volume or using a microphone. So the context has been set to have the participants’ feedback to me about my volume if they couldn’t hear me during.

Secondly, they have 3 days to ask me to do something about my volume, but none did or the ones who couldn’t hear me did not.

And then after the program, they left this feedback for me. Well, I can’t do anything to improve the situation anymore; and they might miss out on some important content.

So what’s going on in this person’s mind? This might be going through this person’s mind. (Take note that I am making assumption here)

Joe should speak louder. Sometimes I can’t hear him. He is really soft at times. Why can’t he just use the microphone? He’s the Trainer, he should he has to speak for all the hear.”

In this instance it is Joe who has to change. But Joe didn’t know that his voice couldn’t reach this person. And this person remained quiet throughout, unwilling to raise the issue so that a solution can be found.

The result: This person might miss out important content, and issue not resolved, and Joe is to be blamed.

The outcome can be quickly changed positively just by speaking up during the program. A very simple form of taking responsibility yet it was not exercised.

I really like you to get this point. You have the ability to change the outcome. Just don’t give that power to anyone by taking responsibility.

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