Handling Disappointment To Keep on Track

A week ago, completed another round of my first transformational program – Money & You. Since attended this program in 2003, I have been involved in it in many ways. Right now, I embark on the journey of being trained as an Instructor. On this journey, the ability to handle disappointment becomes very important for my personal growth.

Every round of M&Y, be assured that huge lesson will be awaiting for me. Previous round, I was hit by huge drama that almost drowned me. This time I set a strong intention of not attracting drama, just want to have my peace to learn, but still there was lesson to be learn though not drama.

Because of some reasons, I am unable to present any piece in this M&Y.

Handling disappointmentTo set some context here, I treat the Instructor journey as training. Will I become a M&Y Instructor eventually is another thing altogether. Maybe I won’t become a M&Y Instructor, but I know I’ll become stronger and better through this journey.

This is the frame of mind that I carry but to practice it, isn’t any bit easy.

When the news of me not presenting was announced, I felt a tiny bit of disappointment despite having prepared for that outcome, despite telling myself the journey is more important.

Took me awhile to handle the disappointment. Fortunately, a good friend checked-in on me that made my recovery easier.

After recovering, a window opened. My lesson here: when one door is closed, a window will open. Opportunities sometimes arise from places where you least expect.

With another fellow Trainee, we were asked to conduct an informal session for the graduates of M&Y. An informal session to discuss distinction of certain principles in M&Y. In my opinion, I did a decent job in that session but this is not what this post is all about. This post is about handling the disappointment.

How did I handle my disappointment?

Focus on Track
Don’t be distracted by the surrounding. There may be colourful events occurring beside your main track, take a look at it but don’t get pull in by it. Be aware that it is there, but do not be derailed by it.

I could choose to be affected by what happened to me, and dismissed myself. But I chose to continue to be present, and complete the journey. Regardless if I was presenting in the informal session, I chose to stay on track.

The next time you are disappointed, ask: what is more important to you?

The Bigger Plan
Why are you doing it? What is the outcome that you want to see? Focus on the big plan. Many went off-course because they were focusing on themselves, on their ego.

My big plan is to complete this journey or to walk on this path till I no longer can do it. I do not allow any distraction or drama to derail me. I reckon that this is going to be a long journey, probably take years. However I am going to stick to the big plans.

Since these are the rules of the game, and I’m in this game, I’ll play by the rules. Focus on the end game, and what I can learn from the journey. The rest are just there to strengthen me.

Confide in Someone
Having someone to talk to really helps in letting out the emotion. The key here is talk about how you feel and not whine about another person.

The friend who check-in on me supported me a great deal. She really helps me in airing the emotion, otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to focus back on track so quickly.

Focus only on airing the emotion, not gossiping. In the heat of the airing, we may cross the line into a very disempowering conversation. Be aware of that.

This is my experience in handling disappointment in this situation. Apply them to your situation, let me know if it works for you.

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