The Number 1 Reason to Procrastination

I have a prediction! And I am definitely right about this prediction. I know one thing for sure – you PROCRASTINATE!

At some point in your life, you procrastinate on tasks, projects and goals. You trade them for some instant gratifications. Like watching TV instead of finishing that book, taking nap instead of exercising.

In the Overcome Procrastination Book, one important key point on getting into action is brought up. Without this important point, you will forever be haunted by procrastination.

The first thing, and I really mean it. If you can’t get past this, you will have a serious problem in overcoming procrastination.

First thing is to know WHY you want to complete the tasks, take on the projects or materialised that goal. Everything starts with a WHY. Without a reason, you are just going through the motion.

Talk to some Sales Assistants in the shopping malls, and observe. You can tell quickly those who have a reason to be there (beside the salary) and those who don’t.

Or on a Monday morning, you can tell those who suffer from Monday’s Blues are probably those who don’t have a big WHY in their work or even in life.

During School days, I don’t know why I have to study hard. Why do I have to learn algebra, learn grammar and understand chemistry? At that point, these subjects didn’t relate to me. I wanted to be a professional footballer, and excelling in these subjects wouldn’t make me a great footballer.

Many years later when I realised that grammar serves an important role in my life, that led me to giving more attention to the rules of grammar. Honestly, I regretted paying more attention during my English class.

We are constantly looking for a reason and purpose of doing or completing something. And when that reason is bigger than YOU, that when you experience self-motivation.

So how do you apply it to life?

Whenever you set a goal or take on a new project, there must be a reason behind it. Remember this goal in your heart by hard. My reason of expanding my training business is so that I can provide more for my parents, wife and soon-to-be-born son.

Whenever I feel like lazing around doing nothing, I recall this reason; definitely bigger than myself. Immediately I got up and start planning and executing the plan.

Remind yourself of your WHY constantly. For me, I remind myself every morning that I no longer do it for myself alone but for my family. The daily reminders got me out of bed instantly, and busted procrastination.

This is a brief idea of applying WHY to get rid of procrastination. If you like to know more details about overcoming procrastination, contact us to purchase a copy of the book.

6 thoughts on “The Number 1 Reason to Procrastination

  1. Subrina

    Hey Joe,
    Congratulations of becoming a father!
    Absolutely! The big WHY is usually the push factor and driving force to keep us going.


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