Making Tough Decision in a Split Second

Ever face with dilemma over a decision? Choosing A will be good, but choosing B also seems great. A comes with a disadvantage, but B followed with a set of challenges. Really, what should I do?

Over the years of facing difficult decision, and learning how to deal with them, I devised a new mindset and strategy of making tough decision within a split second.

Shifting of Your Mind
Dilemma occurs because you faced with a right and wrong decision. Fear of making the wrong decision stops you from making a choice. And you forgot that you are wasting time and energy in delaying making a decision.

All you could do is to make this one crucial shift on your mind.

“All Decisions Are Right. There is no Wrong Decision.”

The idea of all decisions are right is based on the fact that life is full of adjustments and corrections. You can never make the perfect decision. Did you ever make a decision that you feel was the perfect decision and then to realize it was not? And wish that you chosen the alternative. But how do you know the alternative is the perfect one since you have not step into it?

Like marrying the perfect girl/man in your life. You thought that she is the one for you, the ideal person. Until you tied the knot with this perfect girl, you discover she’s not so perfect anymore. Managing of expectation and adjustment come into the picture.

Similarly, you won’t get a perfect decision regardless which one you choose. Of course, please do not choose a decision that is obviously incorrect or out of alignment with your values. That is not a smart way to do it.

What Strategies Do I Employed in Making Decision

At this stage, I’m assuming that you have done all the research, analysis, deep thinking, got advice from others etc. And you got to decide a choice, yet you are still in that dilemma situation.

First thing I tell myself is if I don’t choose, I will forever stuck here. So I have to make a choice.

After that I will derive a solution if that decision met with any challenge. The intention is to keep moving forward with the decision chosen. This way I won’t be caught off guard when I met with obstacles. I would have already know what to do next.With this guidelines, I can make tough decision quicker.

You want to keep moving forward. So all the plans and solutions are to achieve that.

By making decision fast and not wasting time, you get more things done. Result of it is you gain a lot more experience in a short period of time.

Make that decision NOW!

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