My Lesson About Success and Why You Must Learn It Too

Been away for many days to be trained as an Instructor for a certain program; and during this period, I got a huge lesson about success that is going to change my behaviour and results permanently.

This lesson doesn’t come by because I sat in the room taking notes. This lesson comes from real life experience, going through it in person. I will forever remember this huge lesson.

My blessing comes from learning the lesson and having the chance to apply it. So I actually get to learn the lesson, and then practice it real time.

This is how successful people behave. They HUSTLE! My big lesson is HUSTLE, fight for it.

Lesson About Success

Lesson About Success

In this instance, I have been too laid back, too passive and reluctant in fighting for my chance to be on stage. I allowed others to fight over it, and left the decision in their hands

That one chance just swung by and I missed it. A great friend got the stage time because of hustling and had a stronger intention. I do not blame anyone; I am responsible of the outcome.

Suddenly I had that realisation of the statement, “going with the flow” is not empowering and responsible in this instance. This statement is not responsible and comes from victim mode in this incident.

Right after I got my lesson on HUSTLE, I stop hesitating, I stop asking for permission. I just do what will benefit me the most.

Interestingly, a situation appeared that required hustling to get what I want. There’s a 30% discount when dining in this hotel, but this doesn’t apply to room service. I requested for this discount to extend to my room service but the hotel refused.

I was on the phone with three different persons for a total of 10 minutes, hearing them said NO three times. Learning from my lesson on HUSTLING, I didn’t want to take no as an answer. Eventually, they extend the discount to my room service.

A big lesson about success – hustle my way to the top.

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