I Manage Procrastination Through This Simple Trick

I didn’t like the fact that procrastination runs my life. Over the years I have a trick to manage procrastination. Before I share that, know that you have a little voice in you.

Does that little voice talk to you when you are about to start on your task list?
Whenever you wanted to go for a run or write that chapter of your book, that little voice distracts you at the back of your head.

Whenever I planned to go for my run, this little voice speaks. “You are tired, do it tomorrow. Take a rest today.”

managing procrastinationI listened to this voice for a long time until I was so fed up that I was totally out of integrity with myself. I hated the feeling of living with the constant broken promise. This is killing my soul slowly.

I came up with a simple trick to manage procrastination. This trick works all the time, and it is so simple that you will find it easy to apply it on your own. I call this trick:

Do Before You Think
Yup, you didn’t see wrongly. Do first then think. You usually hear think before you do. However, when it comes to procrastination; most people think too much. Their need to analyse causes them to delay their action.

The moment you start to think and analyse, you may talk yourself out of taking action. The longer you hold it off, the louder that little voice becomes.

With this trick, I basically jump into action before the little voice starts its chattering. So when I plan to run, I immediately change to my running gear, get out of the house, start warming up. As long as I get into motion, the task is done.

I do not give the little voice any chance to speak. I do not want to engage in a battle with the little voice as most of the time I would lose.

So I practice this trick. Once I thought of doing something or plan to do something, I get into it before the chatters starts. As long as I start into motion, the momentum will bring me till the end.

Go apply it, let me know if it works for you!

Please share if you feel this is helpful to others.

4 thoughts on “I Manage Procrastination Through This Simple Trick

  1. Ridhish

    Hey Joe,

    I really like the idea of not having that self-debate before trying to get something done. It usually ends up being a conversation of “Shall I, or not?” and that in fact has taken up all the valuable time that could’ve been used completing the task!

    I will be using this moving forward!

    Keep it up Joe!

    Stay Inspired, Stay Laughing, Hy-Power.


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