What Did I learn From My Son


Baby Li Jun Feng Jayce

29 Jan 2017 marks a new stage of life. I am promoted to a father on this day. The moment I saw Baby Jayce for the first time, tears swelled in my eyes. I knew deep down that life will never be the same. (That’s what many fathers told me as well)

The day that we brought Baby Jayce home, lifestyle changed. Everything revolves around him since then. The first night was a life changing experience. An experience which I will share with him in future to remind him the greatness of love.

First night of Baby Jayce being with us. His cries doesn’t stop throughout. As new parents, we seriously didn’t know what to do. Doing whatever to stop him crying from out limited knowledge of parenthood didn’t seem to work.

This made both of us not able to sleep as well. And my wife was on the verge of breaking down. Not because of the sleepless night but her inadequacy and the pain of seeing her son cried non-stop.

With the sleepless night, frustration of not knowing what to do and tiredness; it’s easy to lose temper or throw tantrum onto someone close.

There was a point that I wanted to lash it out. Looking at my son, I hold it and swallowed whatever that was almost out.

Over the past 3 days, I learned a whole lot about life through Baby Jayce.

Love can resolve anything.
Be patience. If it’s not helping the situation, lashing out means nothing.
Human being when is selfless can demonstrate high emotional intelligence

One very important lesson that I got out from my infant son – it’s fine to make mistakes. There isn’t the best way to parenthood, it’s about testing, making mistakes, correction.

A Doctor shared with us that it’s about trial and error, by elimination process to find out his habit, his likes and dislikes. Well< I guess that was what Thomas Edison did when he invented the filament in the light bulb.

And it is also what Buckminster Fuller said, “a step to the left, a step to the right.”

I truly believe this I am going to learn a lot more from Baby Jayce.

I am thankful for the Universe in bringing him to me.

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