Are You Growing Smaller?

I’m going to begin this post with one of the video excerpts from the hottest drama – Games of Throne. This is the part where Jon Snow and Daneryns are talking about Dragons growing smaller in the Dragonpit.

She said that the Dragons got smaller because they locked them up. Eventually they become the size of a hound.

True enough one of three dragons is much bigger than the other two because the two were locked up for a short while.

Although this is a fictitious story, I feel this particular scene applies to us as humans too. When we are locked up, we grew smaller too.

When we are locked up, our mind grew smaller, our ability grew smaller and our confidence grew even smaller. When we were young; parents, schools might have locked us up in some ways. They told us what you could or could not do, which might have restricted our true growth and potential.

However as a grown up, if we are still locked up; then we have ourselves to blame. We create our own prison, we allow ourselves to be imprisoned by our mind. We tell ourselves what we can or cannot do.

A short conversation lately with a fellow Trainer.

Trainer: How many people can you train in a class?
Me: How many can the client put in the room?

I am very fortunate that I am trained to speak to big group; as big as a thousand and moving them. So in my mind a thousand participants is comfortable for me.

I met Trainers who are being trained to speak to small groups, and they are trapped in that mind frame which limits their potential. They will limit their class size stating that the training will be more effective in smaller group. However, we have seen World Class Trainers addressing 5000 people.

These Trainers are trapped in their own mind. Their reason is valid, but at the same time limits their growth to address bigger group, and resulting their limited growth in speaking and training skill.

My mentor once told me, “if you are playing small, you are not serving the world.”

2017 hasn’t been a great year; and I have been growing smaller, playing at a small stage limiting my growth, and my soul is crying out loud. This is not who I am, this is not what I want.

So moving forward, I want to shine on a bigger stage, and no one can stop me. Anyone who try to do that will be cut away from my life. Yes, I’m going to be ruthlessly growing bigger again and stop myself from growing smaller again.

I too encourage you to join me in this journey to step up and move to a bigger stage to serve humanity. This is the only way you can fulfil your full potential.

Be like the Dragon who flies in the sky, not those who are locked up.

2 thoughts on “Are You Growing Smaller?

  1. Corrine

    Your post came at the right time Joe. This has been on my mind recently too as I was concerned with not being able to effectively reach out with large numbers, but we need to play big to achieve bigger results and get out of our own boxes that we built for ourselves. Great piece of reminder! Hope all’s going well on your end too.

    1. skyjoe76 Post author

      Hi Corrine,
      When we play it big, fear will set in. we just have to keep focusing on serving more people, and work around the fear. Many possible ways are available to manage the fear. For me right now is to push through the solid wall in front of me.


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