When I Start Swimming Again

I last swam about a year ago, and finally with a new mindset, new focus and a new goggle;
I went for a swim today. Since I stopped for so long, the plan is to swim 8 laps, a pretty good start after so long.

New Goggle

The unthinkable happened.

Half way of 5th lap, I struggled for breathe. My heart beat raced to a point that I find it hard to breath. Unable to take a full breathe, I struggled to hold my form to reach the other side.

With the lack of oxygen, and heartbeat racing like F1 car; speed came down tremendously. panic slipped in for a few seconds. Thank goodness, the positive mind kept me focus not allowing panic to take over.

Upon reaching the end, I jumped up grasping for air. I breathe so hard that my lung was going to explode. I could hear my heartbeat going “thump thump thump.” All these accompanied with a severe headache.

After a short rest to allow my heartbeat to return to normal, and the headache to subside; I continued to complete 3 more laps. Seems scary, but I want to complete what I committed to do. Symbolises me going back on my focus self, clearing away all distractions.

What is my big lesson?

If I have been consistent about keeping fit despite any circumstance, I wouldn’t have felt put myself at risk. I allowed circumstances around me to derail my focus, commitment and consistency, resulting in the almost drowning incident.

Things happened to us, life threw curve balls at us all the time. Once we got emotional, throwing us off course is easy. With the slightest tap with a finger, we can be thrown out of the train.

This year I had a huge learning experience on going off course. I took very long to get back on track. Don’t ever underestimate the impact of these circumstances around you. More importantly is:

What got me back on course?

Letting Go
Sometimes hanging onto a circumstance that is beyond the point of saving kills my essence and spirit. Things went tumbling down one by one that I couldn’t react in time to grab the situation by its neck. I was just thrown off the train by whatever that was coming.

Screw drivers, hammers and spanners were flying to wards my direction without any time to breathe, let alone deal with all the situations. Attempting to do a Keanu Reeve’s stunt from the movie, Matrix. But well, I’m not the One.

Since attempting to hold onto any of the situation is in vain, I can only let go. By letting go of hopeless situation, I’m able to re-focus my intention and re-center myself to restart a new chapter.

Music Works
Music does wonders to the soul. If you need to indulge in sad songs, by all means, go ahead. I did that. Indulging in sad songs basically allow us to acknowledge our emotions, and allowing it to flow out.

However, sad songs keep us in that sorry state. The day I decided enough is enough, I turned my attention to more positive energy songs. These songs really helped in healing, getting stronger and bouncing back.

Making a come back can be tricky depending on your situation. No matter what, you have to remind yourself, “All Will Be Well

And if you ever need some help, contact me to work with you on guiding you out of your darkness.

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