Memory Workshop From the Guinness World Record Holder

This Memory Guy will be in Singapore to conduct Memory Workshop on 18 November for the kids in Singapore! And you know what, my friend is the organiser for this event!

Who is he?

He’s Eran Katz, Memory Master who hold the Guinness World Record Holder. This is a real treat which the organiser is not charging at an exorbitant price, with parent and child being able  to attend together to learn these memory techniques.

There’s no need to explain any further. Mastering memory techniques will help your children in school. They can remember, recall and apply what was taught to them. Acquiring this technique will make their learning much easier and fun. When children are having fun, they learn faster with less effort.

So register for this BrainXpansion workshop here to learn these memory techniques on 18 Nov.

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