We Make Mistakes in Life

I made the biggest mistake in my life two years ago. A mistake that has huge repercussion to my life and the people around me. Anyone has similar experience?

There is no turning back from this mistake, so I just have to look at mistakes in a different light.

Mistakes are part and parcel of our life. We can’t avoid them entirely yet no one wants to make mistakes. The conflicting factor is if we avoid making mistakes, we will miss out gaining experiences and wisdom. On the other hand, if we keep making mistakes, we will be taking a big detour to our destination.

With this conflicting factor, what should we do?

The key is striking a balance. You don’t want to avoid mistakes until you are not taking any action, yet making rash decisions that get you into trouble all the time is a no-no.

How do you strike a balance?

To achieve your dreams, you must take action. But taking action comes with mistakes and risks. So doing research and due diligent is the way to minimise the mistakes and reduce risks. The concept is do your best to avoid mistakes but not to the point that nothing gets done.

In pursuing your dream, mistakes are inevitable regardless the amount of research you’ve done. When mistake happened, embrace it and learn from it. Mistakes are great because valuable lessons are usually hidden there.

In Jun 2017, I started an online store without any knowledge on building an online store and Facebook Marketing.

I was doing a on-the-job training. Implementing all the strategies after investing hours and hours learning about putting up effective Facebook advertisement and building the store for higher conversion.

Along the way of building the online store, did I make mistakes? You bet! I looked at these mistakes as learning experiences, and now I gained many distinction about Facebook Marketing and how to launch an effective marketing campaign via Facebook.

Mistakes are part of our life. Most importantly is not being held down by those mistakes but embrace them and get lessons out of it. That’s how we grow.

So the next time you made a mistake, embrace it. You will be amazed by how much you can learn from it

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