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The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Murphy’s Law is such a pain in the ass. I hope that Murphy doesn’t show up in my life at all. But it’s impossible to stop him, and Murphy loves to show up when you don’t want him to. He loves to show up at the “right” time.

Murphy says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” How many times have you experience this statement? Especially during times of urgency, things go all the way wrong.
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Where Is Happiness When You Need It

We have been looking for happiness all our life. We try to make ourselves happy by trying to do the “happy” activities. We spend money to make us happy. We marry the right person to make us happy. We work in the right job to make us happy. Even the bad guys who go around shooting others are doing it for happiness. So almost the whole world wants to be happy, but can’t have it. So actually where is happiness? Continue reading

Testimonial From Another Client

I first met Joe Lee from a program called Money & You. Subsequently I heard about the training and coaching service offered by him in a meeting. I got to see him in action through other talks and workshops. He demonstrated professionalism in his work, therefore I’ve decided to sign my entire company up for training and coaching by Joe.

After going through his training and coaching, I gained lots of distinction such as not to compare people to people, example comparing my current staff with ex-staff. I got to understand how others think and how to pick good candidates for my company.

Most importantly, I can see the positive changes in everyone after his coaching. My staff is taking more initiatives, has more drives and taking up more responsibility in their work.

I will recommend anyone who wants to achieve peak performance to engage Joe.

Kenneth Tong
Founder, Business Development
OGL Asia Pte Ltd

Consistent Effort Generate Consistent Result

In the recent months, I’ve proven one thing about generating good results in life. This experience reinforces my belief on one ingredient for success. From my observation and personal experience, the lack of this ingredient can make you go round in circles, and not reaching your destination.

I set one goal in the last four months – to gain weight. I used to weigh 57kg. Based on my height, I was not underweight, but almost. My friends are envy of me as I don’t seem to gain weight easily like them. I can only thank my parents for the good gene. But I reckon I’ll look better with a few more pounds.
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Cooling Down A Burned Out Before You Get Fourth Degree Burned

Getting burned out is a common thing that happened to us in our current society. Constantly increment of work load weighs us down as if we are carrying a 50kg dumb bell on our shoulder.

On top of that, we are to take care of the other aspects of our life. Family, spouse, friends, spiritual, personal development, all of them requires our attention. Unfortunately in a competitive world we sacrifice many things in life to have our desired lifestyle. And so, a burned out is inevitable. We eventually got tired and sick of life.
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When You Are Stuck In Life

Life is a wave, sometimes up and sometimes down. Sometimes you are in flow when everything seems perfect and smooth. Every task is completed without hiccups. Every deal is closed without much hassle. Every project ended successfully.

But sometimes you are down like sliding down a water slide, fast and twisting. Every project can’t seem to progress smoothly. Every task is filled with twists and turns. Worse still, certain strategies and method that used to work no longer work anymore.
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