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I Screwed Up and Got Into Depression

Has been a long while since my last post because I was tied down with work. Not only that, my life has taken a huge turn. I screwed up big time.

I was contemplating if I should write this post because as a Life Coach/Trainer, my life is supposed to be nice and balanced. My life is supposed to have minimal mistakes, and minimal drama. I am supposed to be an inspiration to others, yet I screwed up big time because of my decisions. Continue reading


A Public Presentation Program With Courage

Public Presentation Mastery, the 1st program that gets you to speak with courage.

Overcoming of fear in public speaking is our focus. The 1st program that deals in-depth with fear. You don’t just learn powerful presentation techniques that enroll your audience. You don’t just learn advance presentation skills that move your audience. You learn to BE a powerful presenter inside out.

The pioneer batch just completed Public Presentation Mastery over the weekend. I’m so proud of them with their huge breakthrough in terms of presentation.

Raise of confidence, great enrollment with the audience and absolutely natural in presenting. These are some of their breakthroughs.

What they took away is that presentation is more than just showmanship, it’s soul-manship. Giving your presentation a soul!

Some of the participants shared at the end of the program.

“I am changed.”
“Initially it was torturous to present. But in the end, I wanted to present more.”
“I turned down my ego in the last 2 days and discovered that I had so much to improve.”
“This 2-days is definitely worth it.”

These sharing brought tears to my eyes. I didn’t expect such powerful sharing from the participants. It was tears of joy. People’s lives transformed in this program, and I’m thankful that I’m part of their transformation.

In the beginning, I carried a not that serious attitude in rolling out this Public Presentation Mastery. Things started to change. Gradually, I became serious and saw the value of doing it. After the pioneer batch, I told myself that I have to continue running it so that others can benefit from it.

With the number of lives that were transformed over the weekend, Public Presentation Mastery is definitely worth doing. I experienced joy and fulfillment in this whole process.

And so, we are turning this into a sustainable business model so that we can continue to add more value to others.

Right now, ideas are flowing to grow Public Presentation Mastery into something huge. Watch out for it!

Presentation With Soul-manship!


I Am Happy

HappinessHappiness is what most people is pursuing. They think that by earning more money they can buy happiness. Some people look for alternative to find happiness. Some volunteer their time to help the unfortunate, hoping to find happiness by making someone’s live better. Some give money hoping to find that little happiness in another person’s smile. Though many are pursuing happiness, many remain unhappy.

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Do I Have To Manage My Anger

After taking up coaching and practicing compassion for humanity, the anger in me has subsided. Friends commented that I’m lighter without the frown between my eyebrows. They noticed that I enjoy life more now, and I’m more relaxed. Life has been more of flowing now.

Going with the flow does not means that I don’t care about what comes, it means I’m looking at it with less judgements and expectations. And I’m taking more responsibility on my life and the outcome.

For someone who has anger issues, there are several causes to it. Probably there are more than one cause. Most likely it’s built up over the years.

We built the anger over many years. This comes from past incidents that didn’t get resolved. These incidents stayed in us, creating some form of triggers. So whenever similar incidents happen, you get triggered.

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Express Emotions To Live Freely

We live in a world of machines where we are being surrounded by machines. We can’t function when the machines breakdown. At times, I really thought the movie, Matrix by Keanu Reeves is so real. What if it is real? Are you going to take the red or blue pill? (Love this movie so much that I watched it 5 times)

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Are You Angry At Him, You or Me

“You PISS me off!” “Stop giving me CRAP!”


These are some internal conversations I will be having when I was triggered. And my natural emotion is anger. When an event triggers me, anger comes out naturally. We all have natural emotions that exude easily. For some, it’s sadness. For me, it’s anger.


Anger is one of my automatic ways of being. All of us have automatic ways of being. This means you will react in certain ways when a situations arise. If I’m woken up by a phone call which isn’t important, I will be grumpy and express it to the caller. That’s automatic for me, I can predict how I’ll react. Usually your close friends can predict your reactions to some events too.

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