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Procrastination Buster Video

After researching, studying and coaching about procrastination, finally I’ve reached the final end of my first book, Coaching For Procrastination. But before that, I created a video series about my research on procrastination. I divided it into small segment instead of a large 2 – 3 hours video.

Overcome your procrastination!

Part 1

6 Big Questions To Ask When You Are Worried

Just met a client who is so worried about her next phase in life. She stands at the crossroad, not knowing which direction to proceed. She is unsure of where the different paths will lead to, as it seems every path carries a risk of uncertainty. The struggle of not being able to make a decision, and get on with life is so frustrating and draining to her.

I believe that many of us faced this similar situation in our life too. I’m sure you know that the crossroad is a very unsettled place to be in. You wish to get out of there as fast as you can Continue reading

Resolve Conflicts Arises From Different Expectation

Conflict usually arises when we are working with the people who are close to us. We will have conflicts with our spouse, parents, siblings, colleagues, bosses, business partners etc. These are the people whom we met almost daily, thus the chances of having conflict with one another is extremely high.

After coaching for more than three years, looking at about 150 cases of conflict between people, I derived that Continue reading

My 5 Ways to Maintain Daily Motivation

A client asked how do I maintain daily motivation. Don’t I feel tired about life? Don’t I feel sick about life? Don’t I feel that life is meaningless?

I understand the context of his questions because I observe people on the street. I talk to people from all woks of life. Some are really just surviving. When I say surviving, I don’t mean that they are struggling financially. Surviving in this context means that they do not have a purpose, they don’t find meaning in life, they don’t understand why they go to office daily. They are absolutely not motivated to approach their work and even their life.

How do I keep my energy up? How do I maintain my motivation?
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I Am Constantly Pushing The Life Boundaries

I’m a believer of living life as an adventure. I always feel that life is about doing the things that we don’t normally do, doing the things that we are afraid to do and doing the things that create a breakthrough for us. In a nutshell, I believe that we must always be pushing the life boundaries.

All my coaching clients will typically feel the adventurer in me as I always challenge them to break the status quo, to push their comfort zone and to push their life boundaries.

In my most recent stunt, I took up a 2-Day singing workshop. At the end of the class, all participants have to sing on stage to a group of audience whom we’ve never met.
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Want To Feel Happy? Get Rid of Your Rules

We live in a society that is bounded by rules and regulations. To maintain the order of the society, rules and regulations are necessary. Otherwise, we’ll probably be living in a chaotic world.

Rules and regulations keep the world in order, and also keep us in order. Each one of us has a personal set of rules and regulations to maintain our behaviour in the highest form of integrity. Though at times we may have some maverick thoughts, our set of rules and regulations keep us in check.

However, it’s also this set of rules and regulations that can cause unhappiness to build up. Even if you want to feel happy, with the social rules, we may be forced to make unhappy decisions.
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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 7

This is the last part of this series. You can read Part 6 here. So far, how has this series been so far for you? Please do let me know how you feel after reading this series. I would very much like to hear from you.

In this last part, you are going to read something unique. It is easy to talk about it, but not easy to practice. In fact, I feel this is the hardest to practice out of the seven characteristics.

Highly successful people practice these two words. Emotion and logic.

What is this emotion and logic? How can you apply to your life to become successful too?
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