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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 6

We are now moving into Part 6 of this success series. You may like to read Part 5 here if you have not read it. You will find an in-depth writing about strength and weakness.

In Part 6, you will learn of something that you may not come across on successful people. At least not many success books will mention it. My frequent hanging around these highly successful friends provided me the insight of the sixth characteristic of highly successful people. Continue reading

7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 5

We are half way through this series, if you have not read the previous version, here you can start from Part 1, or you can read Part 4 here. It doesn’t matter which Part you start reading from, as long as you are getting value from it.

The subject of the Part 5 of this series is STRENGTH and probably the most difficult to achieve in the whole series.

How come this could be the most difficult to achieve?

Let’s do a test. Continue reading

7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 1

Do you read the biography of the highly successful people? Do you hear their life stories in some seminars? Do you watch them on video interviews? What was going on your mind when you were read, hear or watch them? I always have two questions in mind.

What did they do differently? (external)
What is going on in their mind? (internal)

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When You Start Believing

Are you having this belief of “Seeing is Believing”? If you truly believe this statement, you may be a follower all the time. You may not have created anything or started anything new. You won’t be the pioneer of anything, you are definitely not a trailblazer.

A more powerful belief is “Believing is Seeing”. The state of innovation and revolution starts from here. Those with this belief lead the pack. They start things when no one sees. They truly believe that they can create something out of nothing. Continue reading

The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Murphy’s Law is such a pain in the ass. I hope that Murphy doesn’t show up in my life at all. But it’s impossible to stop him, and Murphy loves to show up when you don’t want him to. He loves to show up at the “right” time.

Murphy says, “Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” How many times have you experience this statement? Especially during times of urgency, things go all the way wrong.
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