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How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 3/7

We are in Part 3 of How Do You Build Self Esteem. In part 2, you were invited to list down your little achievements, have you completed it? If you have not, do it before you read on. I really would like to boost your self esteem. Every exercise listed in this series is to achieve this.

In Part 3, we move into the inner self to improve your self esteem. We are focusing on giving up some unsupportive beliefs. You want to strengthened your inner self before reinforcing it with an outer armour. You may have to give up certain beliefs that are not supporting your self esteem in this process.

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How Do You Build Self Esteem – Part 2/7

Last post we ended with an assignment. Plan your exercise routine. Have you done it? Emphasizing the importance of it. Getting your energy up with physical fitness is the easiest way to feel good about yourself. If you have not done it yet, I strongly encourage you to plan and follow your routine. This is the first step to build your self esteem.

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Help! I’m A Perfectionist

I am never a perfectionist, but I met many perfectionist. Some of them my clients, some of them are participants of Procrastination Buster Workshop. One of the reasons of procrastination is perfectionism.

Perfectionist tends to be highly analytical and meticulous. This nature prevents them to take any form of action that can move them forward in life. They do not believe in possibilities, they believe in certainty. They won’t act until things are perfect in their eyes.

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Organize My Messy Life

If you study the life of successful people in the world, their life consists of 80% routine and 20% spontaneous. This doesn’t apply to only the wealthy businessman, but to the famous artists, scientists, celebrities, singers, athletics etc. They live in an organized and structured life.

Artists or singers may seem to lack a structured or routine life, because they don’t have a 9-5 job. Now that’s not entirely true. The successful ones create structures in their life. They live in an organized and structured manner which enable them reach their dreams.

I started business thinking that I can have time freedom. Bad mindset.

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I’m Lost. How Do I Find My Passion?

“What do you want in life?” A question that I always asked my clients. The response was usually, “I don’t know. How do I find my passion?”

This is such an important question to life, but many don’t have an answer. Knowing your passion opens the door to a passionate life. Knowing your passion guide you on any future decisions you are making. Knowing your passion provides you more energy to life.

It’s such a painful feeling of not knowing your passion, isn’t it? Don’t you feel lost not knowing what do you want in life? Every week, I hear “I don’t know” from people whom I cared for. Every week I feel this same pain and lost from people who is searching for a way out.

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3 Ways To Build Self Confidence From Within


Self confidence comes from within. But some places mentioned that you build self confidence from with-out. Example like learning a skill, achieving a goal, dressing well or changing your physical appearance. No doubt you will improve self confidence by these methods, but you don’t get to address the cause of the lack of self confidence.

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