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Overly Cautious

Being Overly Cautious Is Good?

Overly Cautious

Overly Cautious, the right thing?

Do you tend to over analyze on your next action?
Do you think thoroughly on what you are going to say next?
Do you think so much that it takes a long time to answer a question?
Do you analyze so much that you did more explanation than to answer the question directly?

If you are having an overly cautious behaviour, do take note of it. This is a fear-based behaviour. Either you are afraid to lose something or you want to protect yourself from being hurt.

Being overly cautious seems to be the right thing to do. I like to mention here that in coaching context, there isn’t right or wrong. Because you may ask what’s wrong with protecting yourself? Question is how has protecting yourself been working for you? What are you missing by being overly cautious?

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My Name Is FEAR

My name is FEAR. I reside mostly in everyone’s heart or chest area. Sometimes I hang around at the jaw or the pancreas. I’m always around somewhere, playing hide and seek with you. When you find me, I immediately go into hiding again. Seriously, in the history of mankind no one has ever gotten rid of me, that includes you.


My job is to immobilize you. My sole responsibility is to stop you from moving forward so that you can’t get the things you want. I have fun watching you struggling between taking action and staying put.

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