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Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Has Achieving Your Goal Become Too Boring For You?

Boring? Find some fun!

You have a goal. You have a great plan. You have a strong structure. Still you are not moving forward towards your goal. What is wrong?

Externally, you acquired tools to support you. You are also being supported by resources that are easily available due to globalization. And how come you are still not moving ahead? Don’t you want to examine that gap?

Have you ever seriously examine the gap? Have you honestly look within for answers?


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Why Can’t You Follow Your Own Plan

In my last post, we discussed about creating your plan to achieve your goals. But do you know that creating the plan is probably the easiest step in achieving your goals? Following up on your plan is the stage that may take a toll out of you, right?

You can definitely come up with various reasons / excuses about not following your plans. These reasons varies from personal to circumstances. True enough, all these reasons are valid for you. However, if you get to the bottom of it, the fact is you didn’t follow your plan, you didn’t get your desired outcome.

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Achieving Your Goals

Why Are You Not Achieving Your Goal

Achieving Your Goals

Achieving Your Goals

One of the most frustrating things is to have a goal and not achieving your goal. To add to that misery is to have that goal year after year, but you don’t seem to move one inch nearer towards your goal.

It is one thing to not achieving anything because you don’t have a goal, it is another to have a goal yet not achieving it. It is extremely devastating to your spirit to have a goal but not getting it.

While there are many reasons of not moving forward, I don’t wish to discuss the various reasons here. For those who like to discuss or find out about their own “why”, we can have a separate conversation. In this post, I only like to discuss one thing.

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Exercise Daily Is Not Enough

exercise daily

Exercise daily

Exercising daily in the morning gets my energy up, and I believe it can slow down aging. Standing on stage to deliver value through talks and training requires lots of energy. Therefore, I exercise daily to maintain the energy.

So I visit the gym 3 times, swim once, jog once a week. I thought I was fit,but I was so wrong.

Had a basketball game 2 days ago. Oh gosh, I was exhausted after 10 minutes, panting as if I did a 5km sprint. Strangely in this game, I gained some distinctions about success and life.

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8 Ways To Stop Procrastination

When I recall some conversation I had with my friends and clients, procrastination seems to be  a common enemy to many. When face with this enemy, some knew what to do but didn’t do anything, some felt inadequate therefore didn’t do anything as well.

When you are face with procrastination, chances are the tasks are not urgent but may be important. It’s ok not to do these tasks because no one is going to get hurt, no major downside even if you don’t do it. But if you do it, your life may improve tremendously, there may be major upside after completing these tasks. However, you just didn’t bring yourself to complete these task.

There are strategies to overcome procrastination. If you google it, you will find many. We will discuss some strategies in this post too. Also I like to share the reasons of your procrastination. I feel to totally overcome procrastination, understanding where it comes from will surely support you.

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33 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving goals and dreams is an important topic to discuss in everyone’s life. Because 80% – 90% of the population don’t achieve their goals. I am one of them too. And it was exactly because I don’t achieve them, got me to find out  how come sometimes I achieved them and sometimes I didn’t.

From my failures of achieving goals, I discovered a certain set of patterns and behaviours from myself.  I found out that when I achieved my goals, that’s because I did a set of activities which I called Activity A. When I didn’t achieve my goals, that’s because I did another set of activities called Activity B.

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