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8 Ways To Stop Procrastination

When I recall some conversation I had with my friends and clients, procrastination seems to be  a common enemy to many. When face with this enemy, some knew what to do but didn’t do anything, some felt inadequate therefore didn’t do anything as well.

When you are face with procrastination, chances are the tasks are not urgent but may be important. It’s ok not to do these tasks because no one is going to get hurt, no major downside even if you don’t do it. But if you do it, your life may improve tremendously, there may be major upside after completing these tasks. However, you just didn’t bring yourself to complete these task.

There are strategies to overcome procrastination. If you google it, you will find many. We will discuss some strategies in this post too. Also I like to share the reasons of your procrastination. I feel to totally overcome procrastination, understanding where it comes from will surely support you.

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33 Ways to Achieve Your Goals

Achieving goals and dreams is an important topic to discuss in everyone’s life. Because 80% – 90% of the population don’t achieve their goals. I am one of them too. And it was exactly because I don’t achieve them, got me to find out  how come sometimes I achieved them and sometimes I didn’t.

From my failures of achieving goals, I discovered a certain set of patterns and behaviours from myself.  I found out that when I achieved my goals, that’s because I did a set of activities which I called Activity A. When I didn’t achieve my goals, that’s because I did another set of activities called Activity B.

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