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How Did I Bounce Back From Failures Over and Over Again in the Last 3 Years

My life really got started in the year of 2003. Before that, I was just bumping around, living life as if life happened to me. But since 2003, I live life exactly the way I want it. That is the year that I discover what I would love to do for a living. That is the year that I found my purpose in life.

And on this journey of purpose, failures arise over and over again. But each time, I managed to get back up. Some friends asked what kept me motivated to bounce back from so many failures. And here are my response.


Before I get into the details, I discover five fuel points to kept me going. I called it fuel points because they are the points that supply me the energy and drive to move forward despite all odds.
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The Ugliest Woman or The Most Inspiring Woman

Recently, this lady being labeled as the ugliest woman in the world, Lizzie Velasquez showed up on my Facebook wall due to the sharing of many friends. As a curious netizen, my curiosity got the better of me. I need to take a look at this lady, I need to know why are people labeling her as the ugliest woman. And to my horror…
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When You Feel Like Quitting

I know I’ve posted this video before, but re-watching it provides me with new energy and distinction. The last time I posted about this video, it is about pursuing your dreams.

Watching it again during New Year Day provides me with new perspective.

Watching it this time, I got the word BELIEF.


Liverpool was 3-0 down at half-time. The game is effectively over as AC Milan is the strongest team that year. Everyone felt that it’s game over. It might even be a thrashing by Milan.

But Liverpool turned the table around. When everyone said it was impossible, when everyone lost faith in them, Liverpool demonstrated to us what BELIEF can do.

They are the underdogs, few notches below AC Milan. They showed the world what miracle is. When passion, heart and belief come together, you have a chance to produce miracle.

I know for sure the next time when I feel like quitting, I will watch this video.

7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 5

We are half way through this series, if you have not read the previous version, here you can start from Part 1, or you can read Part 4 here. It doesn’t matter which Part you start reading from, as long as you are getting value from it.

The subject of the Part 5 of this series is STRENGTH and probably the most difficult to achieve in the whole series.

How come this could be the most difficult to achieve?

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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 2

Recap on the Part 1 of the 7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People, I posted about dream. Their dreams are different from the dreams of many others. In Part 2, we are going to focus on FAILURE.

If you have never fail before, you never really live.

When you have been living on the edge, taking risk all the time; you would have failed at least in your lifetime. The point is how do you view failure. Highly successful people view failures differently.
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I Was So Broke That I Was Having Instant Noodle Daily 10 Years Ago

Starting a business is called the road less travelled. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. I am absolutely not the faint hearted. Thinking that it was not difficult enough, I raise the intensity of the challenge. I started my business in 2003 with only one month of reserves, no cashflow and a car loan.

Challenging, isn’t it?
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Sacrifice Your Way To $60 Million

Sgcarmart is sold to SPH for $60M in Apr 2013. This is not an accident. It began from a dream. Followed by proper planning and then, excellent execution.

Accompanied by sacrifices, perseverance and hardwork.

Quoted from Mr Vincent Tan, one of the founders, “if one of us had given in to the temptation of a higher pay, then I’m sure the rest would have given up.” He drew a salary of $1,700 then, as opposed to $2,800, which is what an engineering job would have paid.

Many have a dream. And that’s just about all they’ll do, DREAM.

Some create a plan. And then hide that plan in a drawer, shelf or their previous home.

A few executed them. And realized it take too much to fulfill the dream of their life. They threw the white towel when they might be one meter away from their dream.

Only a handful are willing to sacrifice, persevere and work hard. That’s why they are rewarded.

I’ve seen too many given up on their dreams. And I don’t like that.

If you’ve not started, start now.
If you’ve given up, pick up the sword again.
If you’re stuck, look for help.

If you want something, go get it. If you don’t want to get it, maybe you don’t actually want it.