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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 5

We are half way through this series, if you have not read the previous version, here you can start from Part 1, or you can read Part 4 here. It doesn’t matter which Part you start reading from, as long as you are getting value from it.

The subject of the Part 5 of this series is STRENGTH and probably the most difficult to achieve in the whole series.

How come this could be the most difficult to achieve?

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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 2

Recap on the Part 1 of the 7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People, I posted about dream. Their dreams are different from the dreams of many others. In Part 2, we are going to focus on FAILURE.

If you have never fail before, you never really live.

When you have been living on the edge, taking risk all the time; you would have failed at least in your lifetime. The point is how do you view failure. Highly successful people view failures differently.
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I Was So Broke That I Was Having Instant Noodle Daily 10 Years Ago

Starting a business is called the road less travelled. Entrepreneurship is not for the faint hearted. I am absolutely not the faint hearted. Thinking that it was not difficult enough, I raise the intensity of the challenge. I started my business in 2003 with only one month of reserves, no cashflow and a car loan.

Challenging, isn’t it?
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Sacrifice Your Way To $60 Million

Sgcarmart is sold to SPH for $60M in Apr 2013. This is not an accident. It began from a dream. Followed by proper planning and then, excellent execution.

Accompanied by sacrifices, perseverance and hardwork.

Quoted from Mr Vincent Tan, one of the founders, “if one of us had given in to the temptation of a higher pay, then I’m sure the rest would have given up.” He drew a salary of $1,700 then, as opposed to $2,800, which is what an engineering job would have paid.

Many have a dream. And that’s just about all they’ll do, DREAM.

Some create a plan. And then hide that plan in a drawer, shelf or their previous home.

A few executed them. And realized it take too much to fulfill the dream of their life. They threw the white towel when they might be one meter away from their dream.

Only a handful are willing to sacrifice, persevere and work hard. That’s why they are rewarded.

I’ve seen too many given up on their dreams. And I don’t like that.

If you’ve not started, start now.
If you’ve given up, pick up the sword again.
If you’re stuck, look for help.

If you want something, go get it. If you don’t want to get it, maybe you don’t actually want it.

Why Are You Not Achieving Success

If you are not achieving success in your life, you really should slap yourself hard. This is not an inspirational post. This is not a post with kind words. This is not a coaching post.

This is a post with hard truth accompanied by compassion. Not only compassion can be demonstrated through the soft side of human being, compassion can be expressed from the hard naked truth of human being. I was taught to exercise compassion from soft side, but once in a while, the sound of a wake up call has to be struck.

A mother disciplining her child. Is she full of compassion? Most likely. Heard the saying? “Spare the cane, spoilt the child.”

This post exercise the cane treatment to slap you with the hard truth. If you are not achieving success, you really should take a hard look at yourself. Are you generating tons of excuses to get away? Do you lack serious commitment to get things done? Are you losing focus as fast as the players at the slot machines?

There is no one to blame, nothing to blame except yourself. Your excuses had you accept mediocrity. Your lack of serious commitment had you stay in comfort zone. You accept that you are not getting success. You console yourself, telling yourself it’s alright not to have it, accept what is given. How will you achieve anything by accepting a lower standard?

How come this is such a harsh post?

After watching a short video about a blind artist who defies all odds to produce beautiful art pieces, I don’t see anyone not succeeding in their own life. Anyone can succeed. Anyone who watches the video and still blames circumstances, environment and people odd to be shot. That passion and resilient is something we can learn.

The only thing that stands between you and success is yourself. Don’t ever create another excuse for yourself, or blame something else because nothing can stop you when you possess that serious commitment to make something work.

Look at your life right now. Where have you allow yourself to slide? Be honest, where are the areas you need support? Ignite that passion again, and crush any obstacles to create a success path. Don’t ever give up on your dream.

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Failure Equal Success


Failure Equal Success

Failure and success, the total opposite. The law of relativity explains that there are two sides to everything. Without hot, we won’t know cold. Without cold, we won’t experience hot. And without failure, we won’t know the sweetness of success.

Anyone who pursues success will experience failures. And anyone who experience failures is not a failure. Successes and failures are like battles. Winning some battles doesn’t mean you win the war, and vice versa, losing some battles doesn’t mean you lose the war. More importantly, did you walk the whole journey with your head held high? Did you win the final victory in life?

Failures keep us humble, provide us with valuable lessons, so that our next decision and action will bring us closer to success.

At the end of last year, I created a workshop called, Life Mastery Workshop. Fill with excitement about this 1st adult workshop for public. Unfortunately, the attendance wasn’t satisfying. Two turned up for the first run. None registered for the second run, and again zero for the third run.

Nope, I wasn’t beaten yet. Learned from the failure, I created another workshop called Money Coaching Workshop four months later. This time filled with optimism as I’ve already learned from my past failure, this workshop should work.

No, it didn’t. Zero signed up for the workshop. And we had the help of a database company, yet the result was horrible. While I was still digesting from the failure, not nice things started to happen.

Betrayal from a good friend. A business partner left the company leaving me to clear the mess. An apprentice performed a disappearing act.

I wasn’t discouraged at all. In fact all these spurred me on. Unwilling to take all these as failures, I gathered whatever resources that was left, gathered whatever learnings I got to reorganize.

At this time, the Universe blessed me with a strange opportunity, plus the help of some good friends and a database company, I launched the Procrastination Buster Workshop. Five signed up for the first run. I thought maybe this could work.

Test it again with a 2nd run which is on 22 Sep 2012. So far, 10 signed up. I may have discovered something here. Now I can claim that Procrastination Buster Workshop is the first of its kind workshop.

When I was exploring new avenues to increase sign up rate, I chance upon another workshop again. So far, 160 signed up for this new workshop.

All I want to say is failure is not failure. You can decide that failure is just a process to bring you closer to success. And success may not be forever. Winning a battle doesn’t mean you win a war. Continue to walk on this journey, taking failure as learning, experience success but be humble. With that you can win the war of life.


The Lion And The Cockroach

Lion, a symbol of courage, leadership and focus. In movies like Lion King or Chronicles of Narnia, lion is always portray as the leader with courage and laser focus on their objective. On the other hand, lion in Wizard of Oz is without courage. But courage is alway there in him.

Cockroach, a pest. Usually related to disgust and dirty. Beside that, cockroach is also very persistent and hardy. Their ancestors were from 354 million years ago. While dinosaurs didn’t survived the catastrophe, cockroach did. It was said that the cockroach probably can survive a nuclear blast.

Why am I posting about lion and the disgusting cockroach? (I’m scared of cockroach)

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