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Celebrating The Chinese New Year

We just celebrated Year 2012 three weeks ago. This time we are celebrating the Chinese New Year 2012. It’s a time when relatives and friends gather to have meals, fellowship and fun together.

The beginning of the new year till now has been great so far. New work team formed, new projects partners found, new opportunities uncovered, new possibilities discovered and new structures set up. It is extremely exciting with all the business meetings to explore possibilities.

First of all, we better defined our Company, Actionpreneur in the coaching industry. Our presence in the industry has been felt, and we are attracting people and opportunities.

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How Was Your 2011

“This is post which you may want to share with your friend. When you come to the end of it, you will know why.”

We are coming to the end of Year 2011. My 2011 was eventful in both good and not good ways. I went from the peak to the deep valley in business and confidence.

And last night Stefanie and I went to watch New Year’s Eve. It was a movie that didn’t get good reviews, but I thought it was pretty nice. There are meaningful scenes and quotes, lessons to take away.

The main theme is about Forgiveness and Second Chance.

One of the character, Clare shares a quote in the movie that made me teared.

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Businessman Crossing the Finish Line

Have You Overlooked Your Wins

The past two months hasn’t really been fulfilling in term of results. I didn’t achieve the results that were set. I am getting frustrated and impatience with the inability to achieve my target. Though there were nice things that happened, it wasn’t happening fast enough.


The newly created workshop, Life Mastery was cancelled because of no enrollment. Though I didn’t beat myself up on this, it was something that I set but didn’t achieve.

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Power To Create Your Life

Got stuck at where you are? This feeling sucks, right? This feeling is like a nightmare that I used to have. In the nightmare, I ran very hard to escape from the monster’s clutch. But no matter how hard I ran, I wasn’t moving. Usually I woke up before I was caught. And the frustration of not moving is so real. The irony thing is in reality, I am a speed demon. But in the nightmare, I lost the speed to escape and break free.


Another way of describing being stuck in life is like running on a treadmill. You run hard, your sweat is dripping down fast from your forehead, but you remain on that same position.

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Ricky no.2

More Testimonial – Result of 2 Sessions of Coaching

Hi Joe,

Thanks for the article. Anyway, just to update you. I think there is some progress with my callings and asking for support from my colleagues.

Well, instead of doing just 10 calls a day and reading news in between, I am currently doing between 10-20 calls per day without feeling annoying or procrastinating on each and every call I made. In between, I actually update my phone script, looking at some news and online trading charts. I think I kinda start to accept the nature of my job, and that calling is just one part of it. And I feel that I am actually learning something and developing some skills from each call I made. The fluency of each call tends to get better. I manage to secure 4 appointments so far out of 50 calls. Just hope to work towards better turnover rate on getting appointments with each call made.

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BEST Testimonial Ever

Today is a public holiday in Singapore! A very fruitful day for me. Completed a sales training call in the morning, and two back to back coaching calls with my clients, followed by lunch with my dad, it’s his birthday!

Then I received the BEST testimonial from my client.

This is what she written:


Why have a coach?

Because most of us float about life just doing things, and not really living life. We’ve goals and dreams and desires, but we put them off and think, “Someday I’ll get there, someday when I graduate, someday when I start work, someday when I get married, someday when I’ve kids… then I’ll do this and that.” But the road to someday leads to a town called nowhere.

Procrastination is incredibly dangerous and will ruin your life if you let it. I don’t mean waiting until the night before the deadline – I mean putting off things that have no deadline. Telling someone you love them, saying sorry to people you’ve been unwilling to talk to, starting that business, doing that hobby you’ve always wanted to do. Nobody is going to yell at you for not making these things happen by a certain date. It’s up to you.

And that is where a coach like Joe comes in. Joe will hold you accountable to your dreams, shape them into goals and projects for you to work towards, and keep you sane on your journey.

So why coaching with Joe?

Because you’ll be able to live life more powerfully. What do I mean by that? Joe taught me to be more powerful – to be straight in my communication, and to take what I get. He taught me to be unreasonable – in terms of expectations of myself and of others, and go beyond what I thought was possible. He helped me find peace and mend relationships which I’d almost given up on.

As a coach, Joe is reliable, very patient and understanding, perceptive, and a great listener. He is the only person whom I can turn to at any time, and voice my deepest insecurities and fears and confusion, without worry about being judged.

As a coach, Joe is continually there to help me turn breakdowns into breakthroughs. After spending the last two days crying in the toilet at work, I was able to gain clarity on the limiting contexts I have had, identify false, disempowering beliefs that I was blind to, and stand for new possibilities. All in one hour with Joe. (Yes, Joe rocks!!!)

So why take up life coaching with Joe? 

Because ten years from now, you’ll surely arrive. The question is: Where? Who will you have become? What will you contribute? How will you live? Now is the time to design your life with Joe, not when your years are over.

And because this is life, and schools don’t teach you how to live life. They teach you photosynthesis and reproduction and x+y = z. If you want knowledge, go to school. If you want to gain wisdom and play life at a higher level, then take up coaching with Joe.

Cassandra Lim,

26 Oct 2011


Dustin Eli Brunson Photography

My 10 Inspirational Movies

10. Lord of The Rings

Though this is a fantasy movie with wizards, elves, dwarfs, human and not forgetting orcs, there are some inspirational moments.

Moments like when the Fellowship of the Rings is broken in Part 1, it was understood that every being in the fellowship has his individual role to fulfill. Though they are split, they are still on course to the greater good; to defeat the evil Sauron.

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