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You Won’t Believe That It is So Simple to Achieve Peak Performance

peak performanceFor almost 10 years, I have been looking at the human ability to achieve peak performance. I went on to study people who achieve miracles, and those who did not. I experimented theories on myself, also consolidated my findings from my coaching clients; I came up with three conclusions that affect human performance.

With these three conclusions, you can achieve peak performance on your own too. You don’t have to be stuck in mediocre. You can achieve peak performance whenever you like it. You are in charge of your performance.

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You Can Be Happy If You Do This

How do you be happy? While people do not explicitly shout out that they are looking for happiness, their everyday actions reflect it.

Look at the goals that you set. Do you really want these goals as it is? Not exactly! What you want is what the end game of the goals. You want the feeling of happiness that these goals can bring you. Until these goals no longer provide you the happiness, you are onto a new goal.
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7 Characteristics of Highly Successful People Part 1

Do you read the biography of the highly successful people? Do you hear their life stories in some seminars? Do you watch them on video interviews? What was going on your mind when you were read, hear or watch them? I always have two questions in mind.

What did they do differently? (external)
What is going on in their mind? (internal)

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Testimonial From Another Client

I first met Joe Lee from a program called Money & You. Subsequently I heard about the training and coaching service offered by him in a meeting. I got to see him in action through other talks and workshops. He demonstrated professionalism in his work, therefore I’ve decided to sign my entire company up for training and coaching by Joe.

After going through his training and coaching, I gained lots of distinction such as not to compare people to people, example comparing my current staff with ex-staff. I got to understand how others think and how to pick good candidates for my company.

Most importantly, I can see the positive changes in everyone after his coaching. My staff is taking more initiatives, has more drives and taking up more responsibility in their work.

I will recommend anyone who wants to achieve peak performance to engage Joe.

Kenneth Tong
Founder, Business Development
OGL Asia Pte Ltd

Consistent Effort Generate Consistent Result

In the recent months, I’ve proven one thing about generating good results in life. This experience reinforces my belief on one ingredient for success. From my observation and personal experience, the lack of this ingredient can make you go round in circles, and not reaching your destination.

I set one goal in the last four months – to gain weight. I used to weigh 57kg. Based on my height, I was not underweight, but almost. My friends are envy of me as I don’t seem to gain weight easily like them. I can only thank my parents for the good gene. But I reckon I’ll look better with a few more pounds.
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A Vacation in Krabi That Is Long Overdue

On the Way to Emerald Pool
A long four years since I last had a holiday! A relaxing five days trip to Krabi, Southern part of Thailand, where Tsunami hit this place in 2004. In this trip, my beautiful and cheerful wife has one rule – I can’t go online for more than 30 minutes a day. I understand why she wants to set this rule, and gladly agree.

Although I always encourage my coaching clients to go for a short getaway, I don’t really have one myself. So this break really comes timely. Visiting a new beach fulfills one of my dreams. It kills three birds with one throw. Firstly, quality time with my wife, secondly taking a break myself to rejuvenate. Lastly, moving closer towards my dream of visiting all the beaches in the World.

Before I go, a friend asked have I plan my itinerary. I replied no. Because I don’t like to plan too much in trip. It’s suppose to be free and easy.

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