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Life is Not Just About Bank Account

I believe that life is more than building my bank account. I do not like the idea of spending most part of my life making money only because life is more than that. To me, life is about collecting experiences, making money is just one of these experiences. That means, I walk the earth to test out new activities that will enrich my life. Continue reading “Life is Not Just About Bank Account” »

What If Everything in This World is an Illusion?

What if everything in this world is like the movie, Matrix by Keenu Reeves, is an illusion? What if everything you see is to bring control over you, so that you conform to the rules that were created by a few human beings.

One of the effective rules that we have created, that ruled us for thousand of years Continue reading “What If Everything in This World is an Illusion?” »

The Major Conflict About Feedback and How It Is Affecting Your Growth

When I asked some people about their feeling on feedback, the responses are they are fine to receive feedback. Feedbacks provide them the opportunity to grow. Beside that, they are very willing to provide feedback to others as well. Based on the survey, people are viewing feedbacks in a positive light. Continue reading “The Major Conflict About Feedback and How It Is Affecting Your Growth” »

I Want to Live a Life of No Regret

As a Life Coach, I have an obsession about living life to the fullest. I believe in walking the talk about living life. I have to preach what I say. And how do I show others how to live life to the fullest, how do live a life of no regret? By demonstrating, I guess.

I always pursue what I love, always put myself on the edge, experiencing new adventures in life. My life is full of colours without a single black & white page.

For those of you who have been following me, you will know that Continue reading “I Want to Live a Life of No Regret” »